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Lars Larson
Born:  April 10, 1896
Died:  September 9, 1962
WHO Iowa Barn Dance Frolic

About The Artist

Lars Larson was a part of the WHO Iowa Barn Dance Frolic radio show. Research indicates that he was probably playing the role of a comedian on the show.

In February 1935, he was to offer his comedic talents along with Irving (Rosie) Wright as pat of a "musical minstrel revue" that was sponsored by the Catholic Young Men's and the Young Ladies club of St. Paul's church at Rock Island High School.

A short promotional article for the event indicated that Lars (Roy Klove) had also been heard over radio stations KYW in Chicago as well as WHO in the years prior.

February 1926 saw Roy take part in a radio program put on by the radio department of J.H.C. Petersen's Sons department store over radio station WHBF. Romey Simmons did piano numbers. Roy did vocal solos. Bob Schurr did violin numbers.

In 1926, Roy along with Louis Bruhn (another Rock Island radio entertainer) and Ernest Oman (manager of Fada Radio Co.) provided "...one of the most enjoyable programs which have been presented recently at the noon meting of the Gyro club..." Klove, accompanied by Bruhn sang four popular song selections, "Sitting On Top Of The World," "Close Your Eyes,", "Dinah," and "Always."

A rare glimpse as to what the character Lars Larson that Mr. Klove portrayed on the Barn Dance was in a promotional article for an appearance in August 1934. "...the famous Swedish character of the Frolic. His character interpretations have been an outstanding feature of this weekly fun-fest since its inception two years ago."

In 1937, he took part in a minstrel show "Quiet! Please!" for the local Catholic Men's club of St. Paul's church, where he had taken leading roles in two previous minstrels of the club.

Roy Klove ran for public office a few times during his life. In 1947, he ran for Magistrate on the Republican Party ticket in Davenport. In February 1926, he was a Republican candidate for Clerk of the Probate Court in Rock Island County.

Mr. Klove was a World War I veteran, member of Post 200 of the American Legon. During World War II, he was employed at the American Machine & Metals Inc. in East Moline. A 1935 article promoting an appearance with Smilin' Sam and Barnyard Pete indicated he was working in the offices of Standard Oil.

Lars Larson was his stage name; Theodore Leroy Klove was his real name; a native of Rock Island, Illinois. Mr. Klove married the former Edith Iverson (B: November 24, 1904 — D: July 18, 1983) on July 7, 1926 in Morrison, IL. At the time Mr. Klove was working with the Oil Heating Co. in Rock Island. They had one daughter, Beverly Jean.

In the late summer of 1962, Roy had moved to Des Moines, Iowa after living in Rock Island for 51 years. He passed away in September 1926 after battling an illness for several weeks.

Promo Ad - Davenport, IA - Columbia Theatre - Lars Larson - Grandpa Jitters - Perkie's Huskers - Louisiana Lou - Prof. Schultz German Band - March 1935
Promo Ad - T. L. (Roy) Klove - Lars Larson - Clerk of the Probate Court - Davenport, IA - February 1926
Promo Ad - Roy Kove - Davenport, IA - Magistrate - Republican Ticket - February 1947

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