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Smokey Stansberry
and the Boys
KUIN Grants Pass, OR

About The Artist

Smokey Stansberry wrote to the readers of Mountain Broadcast and Prairie Recorder back in late 1945 about his group. At the time, he was only 25 years old and was broadcasting over radio station KUIN over in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Now old Smokey tells the readers he was born and raised in Kentucky, but doesn't tell us how he made his way to Oregon. Though he does mention he had only been in Oregon for about two years at that time and had spent some time in Los Angeles as well.

He mentions a couple of his group members. One was Danny Sherrett, his bass player, who had done studio work in Hollywood and worked for ten months as part of the Louis Prima troupe. He was said to be from Oregon originally.

A fellow he only names as Blackie helped out as well singing the bass part in their trio numbers.

Now it seems he had a theme or fictitious locale for his show called the "Take It Easy Lodge".

Timeline & Trivia Notes

Group Members:

  • Smokey Stansberry
  • Danny Starrett
  • Blackie

Credits & Sources

  • Mountain Broadcast and Prairie Recorder; December 1945; Mountain Broadcast Pub. Co., Inc.; New York, New York

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