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Sally and her Montana Plainsmen

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Sally and her Montana Plainsmen had their roots in the western United States. Sally herself was from Great Falls, Montana. Her partner in the act, Tex Dan was from Dallas, Texas.

The group travelled extensively, making personal appearances around the country. They did the usual gigs at places suc as theatres, schools, churches, dances and Army camps. Along the way, they played over many of the radio stations and were heard over the Columbia Broadcasting System network while at WRVA in Richmond, Virginia. They were also featured at the Madison Square Garden Rodeo and the Village Barn in New York City.

In mid-1945, they were working mainly in the northern part of New York state where they had been for about a year. They had a show over WWNY out of Watertown, New York.

Their plans at that time called for putting together a 'mammoth tent show' for the summer months for the audiences.

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