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Miss Avian
Born:  July 9, 1929
Died:  February 19, 2009
CHVC Niagara Falls, ON

About The Artist

Miss Avian was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but raised in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia up in Canada. Back around 1955, she was performing at the Wonderland Ranch in Dunnville, Ontario. She was the bass-viol player with the Wonderland Ranch Boys band and also sang a few tunes.

A 1955 article told readers that she was the "prettiest" 'straight-woman' role to Uncle George Featherstone's comedy capers with that group. They said she made sure Uncle George got "...liberally pushed, slapped and dunked on all of his appearances". She thought it was just great working for someone like Uncle George. She related after all, who hasn't thought of pushing a cream pie in someone's face at one time or another?

In fact, at that time, she was a relative rookie to the entertainment business. Prior to joining the stage show of the Wonderland Ranch boys, she did just about everything else behind the scenes - agent, manager, secretary and girl Friday to the group.

By some quirk of fate, the band found itself short one vocalist during one appearance - their bass player didn't show up. She took the stage in his or her place and thought it would last just that night. But much to her surprise, the band thought they had found a new talent.

In 1959, the band members included Uncle George, Miss Avian, Andy Pontello, Lloyd Ferguson and Bill Hoto.

In real life away from performing, she was also Mrs. George Featherstone. In February of 2009, Miss Avian passed away after a two year battle with cancer. She and Uncle George had been married for 60 years.

Credits and Sources

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