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Zeke Williams
Born:  March 15, 1911
Died:  October 29, 1982
KMA Cornbelt Jamboree
KMA Country School
KMA Shenandoah, IA
WMMN Fairmont, WV

About The Artist

A native of Dundee, Texas, Zeke Williams was the 'real McCoy' they wrote way back when in the February 1945 KMA Guide out of Shenandoah, Iowa. When it was round up time or the big annual three day festival, they said he fiddled for the big ranch dances and also played his guitar while he sang the favorites of the day.

He was torn between two loves early on in his career - riding the range and music. He finally decided on the music and began his career on a radio station in Chickasha, Oklahoma in 1927 with his brother Doyle. Later on, his brother left the station and Zeke teamed up with a fellow named Everett Stanford who was known then as "Hank The Cowhand". Hank and Zeke worked together for about 11 years. They had a band called the "Rambling Cowboys" and played on the Texas Quality Network. They were also under contract with the Brunswick recording company.

About 1937 or so, they wrote that his 'attractive wife' Joan began singing with him, too. They said she became so popular, she became a regular feature of the shows. They were on everyday at 4:30pm. They had a daughter who was 17 then (Virginia Lee) and appeared with them each weekday afternoon at 4:30pm. They also appeared at 6:15 each evening as a group called the Goodwill Trio.

Credits & Sources

  • KMA Guide, February 1945, Tom Thumb Publishing Co., 205 North Elm Street, Shenandoah, IA

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