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Jed Starkey
Born:  August 12, 1897
Died:  February 19, 1985
KMBC Brush Creek Follies

About The Artist

They called him "Uncle Jed" on KMBC out of Kansas City, Missouri around 1947. A bit of a comedian, with 'droll patter'. He was featured on KMBC's CBX network show, "Dinner Bell Round Up" as well as being a part of the weekly Saturday night get together on the "Brush Creek Follies".

They said he played "instruments". That is, if you consider what they said he played "instruments" - such as a balloon, nail puller, flageolette, tonet, "sweet potato", clarinet, saxophone and violin. If that wasn't enough to get to the audience, he'd play tunes by blowing through his hands.

He was basically raised as an entertainer. His father was in the business about four years after the end of the Civil War. Jed had a long career in vaudeville before making his way as a radio entertainer.

Credits & Sources

  • From Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine No. 3, 1947, published by Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine, Chicago, IL, Ed Deuss, Editor.

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