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Jimmy Woods
and The Woodsmen
Born:  October 8, 1936
Died:  August 16, 2015
New Hampshire Country Music Hall of Fame (1990)

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Appearance History This Month

July 11, 1954

Clarksville, TN
Jimmy Woods

July 14, 1954

Langdon, ND
Jimmy Woods

July 15, 1954

Cherokee, IA
Jimmy Woods

July 16, 1954

Milford, IA
Jimmy Woods

July 16, 1954

Warren, MN
Jimmy Woods

July 18, 1954

Selingrove, PA
Jimmy Woods

July 24, 1954

Newmanstown, PA
Jimmy Woods

July 25, 1954

Hellam, PA
Jimmy Woods

July 30, 1954

Bedford, IA
Jimmy Woods

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  31289 A Let My Heart Be Broken
  31289 B Uncle John's Bongos
Natural Sound
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  NS-2047 A Each Tip Of The Bottle
  NS-2047 B Hush Aching Heart
  NS-2051 A Hello Blue Blue Night
  NS-2051 B Too Wild
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20-4251 A Humming Bird
  20-4251 B Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
  20-4389 A Ashes Of Love
  20-4389 B You Tried To Ruin My Name
  20-4765 A Heart Trouble
  20-4765 B Slow Poison
  20-4878 A Shake My Mother's Hand For Me
  20-4878 B You Can't Fool God
  20-4949 A I've Gone And Done It Again
  20-4949 B Two-Timing Blues
  20-5040 A Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
  20-5040 B The Only One I Ever Loved, I Lost
  20-5098 A Eastern Gate
  20-5098 B I'll Live With God
  20-5164 A Hank Williams Will Live Forever
  20-5164 B Just For Tonight
  20-5290 A South In New Orleans
  20-5290 B The Winner Of Your Heart
  20-5375 A Don't Say Goodbye If You Love Me
  20-5375 B Private Property
  20-5427 A Angel Rock Me To Sleep
  20-5427 B When The Saviour Reached Down For Me
  20-5483 A Piglatin Serenade
  20-5483 B You're My Downfall
  20-5517 A From The Manger To The Cross
  20-5517 B God Put A Rainbow In The Cloud
  20-5581 A Cheated Out Of Love
  20-5581 B Love Trap
  20-5649 A Borrowed Diamonds
  20-5649 B But I Love You Just The Same
  20-5681 A I Get So Lonely
  20-5681 B You're Just What The Doctor Ordered
  20-5775 A Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight
  20-5775 B Honey, I Need You
  20-5880 A Beware Of It
  20-5880 B Kizz Crazy Baby
  20-6014 A Carry On
  20-6014 B Sincerely
  20-6094 A No One Dear, But You
  20-6094 B We Live In Two Different Worlds
  20-6203 A Look Out
  20-6203 B So Lovely, Baby
  20-6295 A S.O.S
  20-6295 B Weary Moment
  20-6395 A Feet Of Clay
  20-6395 B I Want To Be Loved
  20-6509 A It Would Be A Dog Gone Life
  20-6509 B On The Sunny Side Of The Mountain
  20-6594 A I Loved You More Than You Knew
  20-6594 B Love, Love, Love
  20-6680 A Live And Let Live
  20-6680 B Tom Cat's Kitten
  20-6777 A Banana Boat Song
  20-6777 B Mr Clock
  20-6857 A All The Time
  20-6857 B Pleasure Is Not A Habit In Mexico
  20-6932 A Oh Boy, I Love Her
  20-6932 B That's Why I'm Leavin'
  20-7018 A Love Fever
  20-7018 B Move It On Over
  20-7137 A Camel Walk Stroll
  20-7137 B Stop The World
  20-7246 A I've Seen This Movie Before
  20-7246 B Yeah
  21-0478 A Cryin' Heart Blues
  21-0478 B How Can I Believe In You
  47-6014 A Carry On
  47-6014 B Sincerely
  47-6857 A All The Time
  47-6857 B Pleasure Not A Habit In Mexico
  47-7137 A Stop the World
  47-7137 B Camel Walk Stroll
  47-7246 A Yeah
  47-7246 B I've Seen this Movie Before
  47-7799 A Country Music Has Gone To Town
  47-7799 B Talkin' Eyes

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