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He performed as a black-faced comedian and the southern dialect he used with his character was natural as he was born in the south.

It was written that Malcolm Clair (his real name) bore out the proposition that comedians were often 'serious-minded people'.

He may have been known for the jokes and quips, but most thought he would be remembered for the fairy tales he told for children. Some of the reviewers of childrens programming cited Spareribs and his fairy tales as an 'example of the best'. There was no 'blood and thunder' in them, but rather, '...fascinating journeys to the land of make believe, each with its little lesson toward character building.'

He was known as "Spareribs the Red Cap" in connection with the Happyville Special. Some of the tales he told were of Cinderella, Snow White or cute little Thumbling.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

  • Real name was Malcom Clair

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