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Evelyn Overstake
Born:  December 20, 1913
Died:  April 15, 2002
WLS National Barn Dance
WLS Chicago, IL

About The Artist

Known as the singer of Dreamers Bay. She had 'cloudy, dark hair, a lovely smile and big, dark eyes.'

Was also known as the "Melody Maid" or "The Little Maid" and even had her own solo programs, including one that was on each Saturday morning, in addition to appearing on the Barn Dance. She often performed with organ accompaniment and her voice was said to be "...just as mellow as the tones from the organ loft."

Back in 1944 or so, she often sang "Just a Little Street Where Old Friends Meet" on her Saturday morning appearances. Howard Peterson would usually play an organ introduction to her appearance on the air. She also sant at times with the Hoosier Hot Shots.

She was said to don her "pert red walkin' shoes' to do her show each week. She's mix her songs with a cheery philosophy. She once said song requests from friends helped her plan her shows.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

  • Raised in Decatur, Illinois.
  • Originally joined WLS as member of Three Little Maids, a sister trio.
  • Was the oldest member of the Three Little Maids

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