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Porter Wagoner
and the Wagonmasters
Born:  August 12, 1927
Died:  October 28, 2007
Country Music Hall of Fame (2002)
Missouri Country Music Hall of Fame (2006)
Music City News Living Legend Award (1998)
KWTO Ozark Jubilee
WSM Grand Ole Opry
KWPM West Plains, MO
KWTO Springfield, MO

About The Artist

Sorry to say we don't have anything here for you to read about Porter Wagoner and the Wagonmasters. That's either because we haven't got it finished or we haven't found anything yet.

If you have any information you can share with us such as news or magazine articles, books, song folios, photos, etc., send it along!

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Appearance History This Month

July 1, 1965

St. Louis , MO
Porter Wagoner

July 2, 1965

Mountain View, MO
Porter Wagoner

July 3, 1965

Mountain View, MO
Porter Wagoner

July 4, 1965

Mountain View, MO
Porter Wagoner

July 6, 1965

Sparta, IL
Porter Wagoner

July 11, 1965

Loretta, TN
Porter Wagoner

July 15, 1965

Fairfield, IL
Porter Wagoner

July 18, 1965

Columbus, OH
Porter Wagoner

July 19, 1965

Augusta, IL
Porter Wagoner

July 25, 1965

Cincinnati, OH
Porter Wagoner

July 28, 1965

Flora, IL
Porter Wagoner

July 29, 1965

Urbana, IL
Porter Wagoner

July 30, 1965

Corydon, IN
Porter Wagoner

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Buy this Book
A Satisfied Mind
The Country Music Life of Porter Wagoner
By Steve Eng
Rutledge Hill Press
464 Pages
ISBN:  1-55853-133-5

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20-4996 A Headin' For A Weddin'
  20-4996 B Settin' The World On Fire
  20-5086 A I Can't Live Without You
  20-5086 B Takin' Chances
  20-5215 A Don't Play That Song
  20-5215 B That's It
  20-5330 A A Beggar For Your Love
  20-5330 B The Trademark
  20-5430 A An Angel Made Of Ice
  20-5430 B Bringing Home The Bacon
  20-5631 A Bad News Travels Fast
  20-5631 B Trinidad
  20-5754 A Be Glad You Ain't Me
  20-5754 B Love At First Sight
  20-5848 A Company's Comin'
  20-5848 B Tricks Of The Trade
  20-6030 A Hey Maw
  20-6030 B How Quick?
  20-6105 A A Satisfied Mind
  20-6105 B Itchin' For My Baby
  20-6289 A Eat, Drink And Be Merry
  20-6289 B Let's Squiggle
  20-6421 A How Can You Refuse Him Now
  20-6421 B What Would You Do?
  20-6494 A How I've Tried
  20-6494 B Uncle Pen
  20-6598 A I've Known You From Somewhere
  20-6598 B Trying To Forget The Blues
  20-6697 A A Good Time Was Had By All
  20-6697 B Seeing Her Only Reminded Me Of You
  20-6803 A I Should Be With You
  20-6803 B I'm Day Dreaming Tonight
  20-6844 A Good Mornin' Neighbor
  20-6844 B Who Will He Be?
  20-6964 A I Thought I Heard You Call
  20-6964 B Pay Day
  20-7073 A Doll Face
  20-7073 B Your Love
  20-7158 A As Long As I'm Dreaming
  20-7158 B Turn It Over In Your Mind
  20-7199 A Heaven's Just A Prayer Away
  20-7199 B Tomorrow We'll Retire
  20-7279 A Haven't You Heard?
  20-7279 B Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy
  20-8800 A I'm A Long Way From Home
  20-8800 B I Just Came To Smell The Flowers
  47-6030 A How Quick
  47-6030 B Hey Maw
  47-6964 A Pay Day
  47-6964 B I Thought I Heard You Call My Name
  6697 A Seeing Her Only Reminded Me of You
  6697 B A Good Time Was Had By All
  8882 A I Dreamed I Saw America On Her Knees
  8977 A Ole Slew-Foot
  8977 B Let Me In

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