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Pee Wee (Pete) Miller
WFIL Hayloft Hoedown
WCAM Camden, NJ
WEEU Reading, PA
WFEA Manchester, NH
WHOP Hopkinsville, KY

About The Artist

In 1947, Pee Wee Miller was a member of the WFIL Hayloft Hoedown. The radio show was heard each Saturday night at 10:30pm. When he was with them at the time, they wrote he had started his career some 12 years earlier in Canada, his native land.

He was a singer who could play the guitar and bass. Was said to have been featured on radio stations in the northeast in Boston, New York and Philadelphia. He had been with the Hayloft Hoedown for about a year when the article was written and had become a recent member of the "Sleepy Hollow Ranch Gang", too. After his stint in the military service for World War II, he restarted his career in New York at the Village Barn.

Credits & Sources

  • Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine, Issue No. 3, 1947; published by Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine, Chicago, IL.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

20th Century
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  PWM-10 A Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes (w/The Hayloft Boys)
  PWM-10 B Jazzbo Daisy (w/The Hayloft Boys)
  PWM-2 A Pawnee (w/The Hayloft Boys)
  PWM-2 B Why Do I Cry Over You (w/The Hayloft Boys)

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