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Stonewall Jackson
Born:  November 6, 1932
Died:  December 4, 2021
North Carolina Music Hall of Fame (2012)
WSM Grand Ole Opry

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From the Bottom Up
The Stonewall Jackson Story
By Billy Henson (Compiled & Edited By)
No Publisher Listed
134 Pages

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  40883 A Knock Off Your Naggin'
  40883 B Don't Be Angry
  40997 A I Need You Real Bad
  40997 B A Broken Heart, A Wedding Band
  41114 A Tears On Her Bridal Bouquet
  41114 B Gettin' Older
  41199 A Grieving In My Heart
  41199 B I Can't Go On Living This Way
  41257 A Life To Go
  41257 B Misery Known As Heartaches
  41393 A Smoke Along The Track
  41393 B Waterloo
  41487 A Uncle Sam And Big John Bull
  41487 B Igmoo
  41932 A Green Pastures
  41932 B Wedding Bells For You and Him
  42229 A A Wound Time Can't Erase
  42229 B Second Choice
  42426 A Leona
  42426 B One Look At Heaven
  42628 A Can't Hang Up The Phone
  42628 B Slowly
  43004 A Trouble and Me
  43004 B Lost In the Shuffle
  43411 A Poor Red Georgia Dirt
  43411 B If This House Could Talk
  43552 A The Minute Men
  43552 A The Minute Man
  43552 B I Wish I Had A Girl
  43917 A Mommy Look, Santa Is Crying
  43917 A Mama Look, Santa Is Crying
  43917 B Blue Christmas
  44121 A Promises and Hearts
  44121 B While The Daisies Grow Free
  44283 A This World Holds Nothing
  44283 B Almost Hear The Blues
  44416 A Nothing Takes the Place Of Loving You
  44416 B If Heartaches Were Wine
  44492 A Snowball
  44492 B That's Why I'm Walkin'
  44501 A I Believe In Love
  44501 B Drinking and Driving
  44625 A Angry Words
  44625 B Red Roses Blooming Back Home
  44726 A Somebody's Always Leaving
  44726 B Recess Time
  44976 A Ship In the Bottle
  44976 B Thoughts Of A Lonely Man
  45075 A Better Days For Mama
  45075 B The Harm You Have Done
  45151 A Born That Way
  45151 B Blue Field
  45217 A Oh Lonesome Me
  45217 B When He Was Nine
  45465 A Push The Panic Button
  45465 B Waiting For Dawn Till Dawn
  45546 A That's All This Old World Needs
  45546 B Big Busy World
  45632 A Torn From The Pages Of Life
  45632 B Waterloo
  45738 A I'm Not Strong Enough
  45738 B I've Run Out Of Reasons
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  013 A Read Between The Lines
  013 B Don't Be Late
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  24675 A Ol' Blue
  24675 B Things To Think About

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