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Lester Flatt
and Earl Scruggs
Country Music Hall of Fame (1985)
Kentucky Mountain Barn Dance

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and Earl Scruggs.
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Appearance History This Month

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20777 A Come Back Darling
  20777 B I'm Waiting To Hear You Call Me Darling
  20805 B I'm Head Over Heels In Love
  20830 A Somehow Tonight
  20830 B Jimmy Brown The Newsboy
  20854 A I've Lost You
  20854 B Don't Get Above Your Raisin'
  20886 A Earl's Breakdown
  20886 B Tis Sweet To Be Remembered
  20915 A Brother, I'm Getting Ready To Go
  20915 B Get In Line, Brother
  20957 A The Old Home Town
  20957 B I'll Stay Around
  21002 A Over The Hills To The Poor House
  21002 B My Darling's Last Goodbye
  21043 A I'm Gonna Settle Down
  21043 B I'm Lonesome And Blue
  21054 A Dim Lights And Thick Smoke
  21054 B Flint Hill Special
  21091 A Why Did You Wander
  21091 B Thinking About You
  21125 A Dear Old Dixie
  21125 B If You Should Wander Back Tonight
  21179 A I'll Go Steppin'
  21179 B Foggy Mountain Chimes
  21209 A Mother Prays Loud In Her Sleep
  21209 B Be Ready For Tomorrow May Never Come
  21248 A Somebody Took My Place With You
  21248 B I'd Rather Be Alone
  21295 A You're Not A Drop In The Bucket
  21295 B Foggy Mountain Special
  21334 A Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky
  21334 B Till The End Of The World Rolls Around
  21370 A Old Fashioned Preacher
  21370 B You Can Feel It In Your Soul
  21412 A I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open
  21412 B Before I Met You
  21460 A Gone Home
  21460 B Bubbling In My Soul
  21501 A Randy Lynn Rag
  21501 B On My Mind
  21536 A Give Mother My Crown
  21536 B Joy Bells
  21561 A No Doubt About It
  21561 B What's Good For You
  43080 A Fireball
  43080 B Working It Out
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  6161 A God Loves His Children
  6161 B I'm Going To Make Heaven My Home
  6181 A My Cabin In Caroline
  6181 B We'll Meet Again, Sweetheart
  6200 A Baby Blue Eyes
  6200 B Bouquet In Heaven
  6211 A Down The Road
  6211 B Why Don't You Tell Me So?
  6230 A I'll Be Going To Heaven Sometime
  6230 B I'll Never Shed Another Tear
  6247 A Foggy Mountain Breakdown
  6247 B No Mother Or Dad
  6268 A It Is Too Late Now
  6268 B So Happy I'll Be
  6287 A I'll Never Love Another
  6287 B My Little Girl In Tennessee
  6317 A Pain In My Heart
  6317 B Take Me Into The Lifeboat
  6333 A Doin' My Time
  6333 B Farewell Blues
  6372 A I'll Just Pretend
  6372 B Roll In My Sweet
  6396 A Old Salty Dog Blues
  6396 B Pike County Breakdown

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