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Jean Shepard
Born:  November 21, 1933
Died:  September 25, 2016
Country Music Hall of Fame (2011)
Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame (2010)
KWKH Louisiana Hayride
KWTO Ozark Jubilee
WSM Grand Ole Opry

About The Artist

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The Biggest Cry

Appearance History This Month

July 2, 1965

Bandera, TX
Jean Shepard

July 3, 1965

Bandera, TX
Jean Shepard

July 4, 1965

Bandera, TX
Jean Shepard

July 11, 1965

Onsted, MI
Jean Shepard

July 17, 1965

Atlanta, GA
Jean Shepard

July 22, 1965

Hanover, PA
Jean Shepard

July 25, 1965

Columbus, OH
Jean Shepard

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  12928 A Did You Tell Her About Me?
  12928 B You Sent Her An Orchid
  2073 A My New Darlin'
  2073 B An Old Bridge
  2180 A A Real Good Woman
  2180 B the Trouble With Girls
  2279 A Everyday's A Happy Day For Fools
  2279 B My World Is You
  2358 A Crying Steel Guitar Waltz
  2358 B Twice The Lovin'
  2502 A A Dear John Letter
  2502 B I'd Rather Die Young
  2585 A Seven Lonely Days
  2585 B Invisable Tears
  2694 A Then He Touched Me
  2694 B Only Mama That'll Walk The Line
  2706 A The Glass That Stands Beside You
  2706 B Let's Kiss And Try Again
  2779 A A Woman's Hand
  2779 B What Went Wrong
  2847 A I Want You Free
  2847 B Be Nice To Everybody
  2905 A You'll Come Crawlin' Back
  2905 B Don't Fall In Love With My Man
  2994 A Please Don't Divorce Me
  2994 B Don't Rush Me
  3033 A With His Hand In Mine
  3033 B Just Plain Lonely
  3315 A Virginia
  3315 B We Go Good Together
  4191 A Jeopardy
  4191 B Better Love Next Time
  4321 A The One You Slip Around With
  4321 B the Mysteries Of Life
  4538 A The Root Of All Evil (Is A Man)
  4538 B No One Knows
  4584 A How Long Does It Hurt (When A Heart Breaks)
  4584 B If You Were Losing Him To Me
  4640 A I've Got To Talk To Mary
  4640 B The Biggest Cry
  4719 A Two Voices, Two Shadows, Two Faces
  4719 B Your Conscience Or Your Heart
  4915 A I've Learned To Live With You (And Be Alone)
  4915 B It's Torture
  5062 A That's What Lonesome Is
  5062 B When Your House Is Not a Home
  5304 A He Plays The Bongo (I Play the Banjo)
  5304 B A Tear Dropped By
  5392 A Don't Take Advantage Of Me
  5392 B Somebody's Gotta Cry
  5508 A Ain't You Ashamed
  5508 B It's A Man (Every Time, It's A Man)
  5585 A Many Happy Hangovers To You
  5585 B Our Past Is In My Way
  5633 A I'll Take The Dog (w/Ray Pillow)
  5633 A I'll Take the Dog (w/Ray Pillow)
  5633 B I'd Fight The World (w/Ray Pillow)
  5633 B I'd Fight The World (w/Ray Pillow)
  5681 A If Teardrops Were Silver
  5681 B Outstanding In Your Field
  5769 A Mr. Do-It-Yourself (w/Ray Pillow)
  5769 A Strangers Nine To Five
  5769 B Mr. Do-It-Yourself
  5769 B Strangers Five To Nine (w/Ray Pillow)
  5822 A My Mama Didn't Raise No Fools
  5822 B Heart We Did All That We Could
  5899 A Your Forevers (Don't Last Very Long)
  5899 B Coming Or Going
  F 2502 A I'd Rather Die Young (Than Grow Old Without You)
  F 2502 B A Dear John Letter (w/Ferlin Husky)
  F 3796 A It Scares Me Half To Death
  F 3796 B Act Like A Married Man

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