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Jimmy C. Newman
Born:  August 27, 1927
Died:  June 21, 2014
KWKH Louisiana Hayride
WSM Grand Ole Opry

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  31217 A Everybody's Dying for Love
  31217 B Just One More Night (With You)
  31281 A Big Mamou
  31281 B Finally
  31324 A Alligator Man
  31324 B Give Me Heaven
  31374 A Of All The Things (You Left)
  31374 B Crazy Old Heart
  31416 A After Dark Affair
  31416 B You Must Be True
  31440 A Bayou Talk
  31440 B I May Fall Again
  31503 A Everything
  31503 B Already I'm Falling
  31553 A D. J. For A Day
  31553 B Mover
  31609 A Angel On Leave
  31609 B Summer Skies and Golden Sands
  31677 A You're Still On My Mind
  31677 B Sue Mae Sand
  31745 A City of The Angels
  31745 B Back In Circulation
  31841 A Artificial Rose
  31841 B My Love For You
  31916 A Back Pocket Money
  31916 B For Better Or For Worse
  31994 A Bring Your Heart Home
  31994 B Unwanted Feeling
  32067 A We Lose A Little Ground
  32067 B Dropping Out of Sight
  32130 A Louisiana Saturday Night
  32130 B Gentleman Loafer
  32202 A Blue Lonely Winter
  32202 B The Devil Was Laughing At Me
  32285 A Sunshine and Bluebirds
  32285 B I'm Sorry Letters
  32366 A Carmelita
  32366 B Born To Love You
  32440 A My Prayer for Today
  32440 B Future Farmers of America
  32484 A Boo Dan
  32484 B Surrounded By Your Love
  32549 A Three
  32549 B There'll Always Be A Song
  32609 A Foolishly
  32609 B Louisiana Dirt Face
  32668 A Washington, D.C.
  32668 B Be Proud Of Your Man
  32740 A I'm Holding Your Memory
  32740 B It'll Take A Lot Of Love
  32805 A Is It Really Over?
  32805 B As Long As There's a Honky Tonk
  732609 A Louisiana Dirty rice
  732609 B Foolishly
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1195 A Cry Cry Darling
  1195 B You Didn't Have To Go
  1215 A Night Time Is Cry Time
  1215 B Diggy Diggy Lo
  1231 A Your True And Faithful One
  1231 B Can It Be Right
  1237 A Daydreamin'
  1237 B Crying For A Pastime
  1260 A Blue Darlin'
  1260 B Let Me Stay In Your Arms
  1270 A God Was So Good
  1270 B I Thought I'd Never Fall In Love Again
  1278 A Seasons Of My Heart
  1278 B Let's Stay Together
  1283 A Come Back To Me
  1283 B I Wanna Tell The World
  1286 A Let The Whole World Talk
  1286 B Honky Tonk Tears
  1288 A I've Got You On My Mind
  1288 B Way That You're Living (Is Breaking My Heart)
  1289 A Fallen Star
  1289 B I Can't Go On This Way
  15574 A Fallen Star
  15574 B I Can't Go On This Way
  15627 A A Sweet Kind Of Love
  15627 B Need Me
  15659 A Cry, Cry Darling
  15659 B You're The Idol Of My Dreams
  15704 A With Tears In My Eyes
  15704 B Step Aside Shallow Water
  15766 A Bop-A-HuLa
  15766 B Carry On
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1030 A Wondering
  1030 B I Thank You
  1068 A I Made A Big Mistake
  1068 B I Don't Know What To Do
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  45-8305 A Sugar Bee
  45-8305 B Girls Over Thirty
La Louisianne
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  8139 A Potato Song
  8139 B Lache Pas La Palate
  8141 A Jolie Blon
  8141 B Go Go Song
  8145 A Grand Mamou
  8145 B Vieux Cajun
  8151 A Hippy Ti-You
  8151 B When The Saints Go Marching In
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  12707 A You're Making A Fool Out of Me
  12707 B Outside Your Door
  12749 A What'cha Gonna Do
  12749 B So Soon
  12790 A Lonely Girl
  12790 B I'd Be Fool Enough (To Fall)
  12812 A Grin And Bear It
  12812 B Ballad of Baby Doe
  12830 A Walkin' Down The Road
  12830 B Angels Cryin'
  12864 A I Miss You Already
  12864 B The End Of The Line
  12894 A What About Me
  12894 B A Lovely Work of Art
  12945 A Wanting You With Me Tonight
  12945 B Now That You're Gone
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  ZS7-8535 A Secret Love
  ZS7-8535 B Happy Cajun Baby
  ZS7-8545 A Not As a Sweetheart (Just As A Friend)
  ZS7-8545 B Big Bayou
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  140 A Shrimp Boats
  140 B Lafayette
  143 A Diggy Liggy Lo
  143 B Big Mamou
  153 A Alligator Man
  153 B Lache Pas La Patate
  155 A Hello Dolly (Part 1)
  155 B Hello Dolly (Part 2)
  162 A Billy's Brother
  162 B Unknown
  166 A Louisiana Cajun Rock Band
  166 B Everywhere I Go (w/Carol Channing)
  175 A Louisiana Saturday Night
  175 B Thibodeaux and His Cajun Band
  182 A Happy Cajun
  182 B More Happy Cajun
  186 A Sugar Bee
  186 B Big Texas
  188 A Sweet Susannah
  188 B Cajun Man Can
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  PB 12070 A Cotton Eyed Joe
  PB 12070 B Colinda
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  S-807 A Wild Rose
  S-807 B Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues
  S-808 A Welcome To My World
  S-808 B The Kind of Love I Can't Forget
  S-814 A Just Once More
  S-814 B You Can't Break The Chains of Love
  SCR-100 A Great American Hereford Dream
  SCR-100 B Unknown
  SH-828 A Thoroughbred Lover
  SH-828 B Just Once More

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