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Brenda Lee
Born:  December 11, 1944
Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame (1986)
Country Music Hall of Fame (1997)
Georgia Music Hall of Fame (1982)

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  40821 A On The Prowl (w/Freddie Hart)
  40821 B Extra (w/Freddie Hart)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  31149 A I Want To Be Wanted
  31149 B Just A Little
  31231 A You Can Depend On Me
  31231 B It's Never Too Late
  31348 A Break It to Me Gently
  31348 B So Deep
  31407 A Heart In Hand
  31407 B It Started All Over Again
  31424 A Save All Your Love For Me
  31424 B All Alone Am I
  31478 A Losing You
  31478 B He's So Heavenly
  31510 A My Whole World Is Falling Down
  31510 B I Wonder
  31570 A As Usual
  31570 B Lonely Lonely Lonely Me
  31599 A Think
  31599 B The Waiting Game
  31628 A Alone Wiuth You
  31628 B My Dreams
  31792 A Too Many Rivers
  31792 B No One
  31917 A Time and Time Again
  31917 B Too Little Time
  32079 A Ride, Ride, Ride
  32079 B Lonely People Do Foolish Things
  32119 A Born To Be By Your Side
  32119 B Take Me
  32161 A Where Love Is
  32161 B My Heart Keeps Hangin' On
  32213 A Save Me For A Rainy Day
  32213 B Where's The Melody?
  32248 A That's All Right
  32248 B Fantasy
  32330 A Kansas City
  32330 B Each Day Is A Rainbow
  32428 A Johnny One Time
  32428 B I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind
  32675 A Hello Love
  32675 B I Think I Love You Again
  32734 A Do Right Woamn, Do Right Man
  32734 B Sisters In Sorrow
  32918 A Misty Memories
  32918 B I'm A Memory
  732491 A You Don't Need Me For Anything Anymore
  732491 B Bring Me Sunshine
  732560 A Let it Be Me
  732560 B You Better Move On
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  40003 A We had A Good Thing Goin'
  40003 B Nobody Wins
  40107 A Sunday Sunrise
  40107 B Must I Believe
  40171 A Something For A Rainy Day
  40171 B Wrond Ideas
  40262 A Big Four Poster Bed
  40262 B Castles In The Sand
  40318 A Rock On Baby
  40318 B More Than A Memory
  40385 A He's My Rock
  40385 B Feel Free
  40442 A Bringing It Back
  40442 B Papa's Knee
  40511 A Find Yourself Another Puppet
  40511 B What I Had With You
  41130 A Let Your Love Fall Back On Me
  41130 B Tell Me What It's Like
  41322 A Right Behind The Rain
  41322 B Broken Trust
  51047 A He'll Play the Music (But You Can't Make Him Dance)
  51047 B Ever Now..
  51154 A Enough For You
  51154 B What Am I Gonna Do
  51195 A Only When I Laugh
  51195 B Too Many Nights
  51230 A From Levies To Calvin Klein Jeans
  51230 B I Know A Lot About Love
  52654 A I'm Taking My Time
  52654 B That Was the Way It Was Then

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