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George Jones
and The Jones Boys
Born:  September 12, 1931
Died:  April 26, 2013
Academy of Country Music Pioneer (1992)
Country Music Hall of Fame (1992)
Music City News Living Legend Award (1987)
KNUZ Houston Home Town Jamboree
KWKH Louisiana Hayride
WSM Grand Ole Opry
KNUZ Houston, TX
KTRM Beaumont, TX
KWKH Shreveport, LA

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1226 A New Baby For Christmas
  1226 B Maybe Next Christmas
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  02526 A Still Doin' Time
  02526 B Good Ones and Bad Ones
  03405 A C.C Waterback
  05439 A Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes
  05439 B Whole Lot Of Trouble For You
  05698 A the One I Loved Back Then
  05698 B If Onely You'd Love Me Again
  06296 A Wine Colored Roses
  06296 B These Old Eyes Have Seen It All
  07107 A I Turn To You
  07107 B Don't Leave Wthout Taking Your Silver
  07655 A The Bird
  07655 B I'm Goin' Home Like I Never Did Before
  10831 A We Can Make It
  10831 B One Of These Days
  10858 A Loving You Could Never Be Better
  10858 B Try It, You'll Like It
  10917 A A Picture Of Me (Without You)
  10917 B Tghe Man Worth Lovin' You
  10959 A What My Woman Can't Do
  10959 B My Loving Wife
  11006 A Nothing Ever Hurts Me (Half As Bad As Losing You)
  11006 B Wine
  11053 A Once You've Had the Best
  11053 B Mary Don't Go 'Round
  11151 A We Loved It Away
  50038 A The Door
  50038 B Wean Me
  50099 A God's Gonmna Get'cha (For That)
  50099 B Those Were the good Times
  50127 A I Just Don't Give A Damn
  50127 B Memories Of Us
  50187 A The Battle
  50187 B I'll Come Back
  50271 A Her Name is...
  50271 B Diary Of My Mind
  50385 A Old King Kong
  50385 B It's A 10-33 (Let's Get Jesus On the Line)
  50495 A Bartender's Blues
  50495 B Rest In Peace
  50647 A Mabellene
  73424 A Six Foot Deep, Six Feet Down
  73424 B He Never Got the Picture At All
  92696 A Same Ole Me
  92696 B Together Alone
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  54272 A She Loved A Lot In Her Time
  54272 B Come Home To Me
  54370 A Honky Tonk Myself To Death
  54370 B Where The Tall Grass Grows
  54604 A Wrong's What I Do Best
  54604 B The Bottle Let Me Down
  54687 A Walls Can Fall
  54687 B You Must Have Walked Across My Mind Again
  54749 A High-Tech Redneck
  54749 B Forever's Here To Stay
  55287 A Billy B. Bad
  55287 B Back Down To Hung Up On You
  55408 A One
  55408 B Golden Ring
  72038 A Wild Irish Rose
  72038 B No Furure For Me In Our Past?
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  71029 A Don't Stop The Music
  71029 B Uh, Uh, No
  71049 A Just One More
  71049 B Gonna Come Get You
  71061 A Yearning
  71061 B Cry Cry
  71096 A Too Much Water
  71096 B All I Want To Do
  71141 A Flame In My Heart
  71141 B No No Never
  71176 A Tall Tall Trees
  71176 B Hearts In My Dream
  71224 A Cup Of Loneliness
  71224 B Take The Devil Out Of Me
  71225 A Maybe Next Christmas
  71225 B New Baby For Christmas
  71257 A Color Of The Blues
  71257 B Eskimo Pie
  71339 A I'm Not The Wrong One
  71339 B Nothing Can Stop Me
  71340 A Wandering Soul
  71340 B Jesus Wants Me
  71373 A Treasure Of Love
  71373 B If I Don't Love You
  71406 A White Lightning
  71406 B Long Time To Forget
  71464 A Who Shot Sam
  71464 B Into My Arms Again
  71506 A My Lord Has Called Me
  71506 B If You Want To Wear A Crown
  71514 A Big Harlan Taylor
  71514 B Money To Burn
  71583 A Accidentally On Purpose
  71583 B Sparklin' Brown Eyes
  71615 A Have Mercy On Me
  71615 B If You Believe
  71636 A Family Bible
  71636 B Your Old Standby
  71641 A Out Of Control
  71641 B Just Little Boy Blue
  71700 A The Window Up Above
  71700 B Candy Hearts
  71721 A Family Bible
  71721 B Taggin' Along
  71804 A Tender Years
  71804 B Battle Of Love
  71856 A Did I Ever Tell You
  71856 B Not Even Friends
  71910 A Achin' Breakin' Heart
  71910 B When My Heart Hurts No More
  71955 A City Of Angels
  71955 B Talk About Lovin'
  72010 A Your Still On My Mind
  72010 B Cold Cold Heart
  72034 A I Want To Be Where You're Gonna Be
  72034 B When Two Worlds Collide
  72087 A I Love You Because
  72087 B Revenoor Man
  72159 A Are You Mine
  72159 B I Didn't Hear You
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1117 A Take Me
  1117 B Ship Of Fools
  1164 A Old Brush Arbors
  1164 B Old Brush Arbors
  1165 A Y'All Come (w/Gene Pitney)
  1165 B That's All It Took (w/Gene Pitney)
  1181 A Four-O-Thirty Three
  1181 A 4033
  1181 B Don't Think I Don't
  1181 B Don't Think I Dont
  1204 A Close Together (w/Melba Montgomery)
  1204 B Long As We're Dreaming (w/Melba Montgomery)
  1238 A Party Pickin' (w/Melba Montgomery)
  1238 B Simply Divine (w/Melba Montgomery)
  1297 A Small Time Laboring Man
  1297 B Well It's Allright
  1298 A As Long As I Live
  1298 B Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven
  1351 A I'll Share My World With You
  1351 B I'll See You While Ago
  1366 A If Not For You
  1366 B When The wife Runs Off
  1381 A She's Mine
  1381 B No Blues Is Good News
  1392 A Where Grass Won't Grow
  1392 B Shoulder To Shoulder
  1408 A Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong
  1408 B You've Become My Everything
  1425 A A Good Year for the roses
  1425 B Let A Little Loving Come In
  1432 A Sometimes You Just Can't Win
  1432 B Brothers Of A Bottle
  1440 A Right Won't Touch A Hand
  1440 B Someone Sweet to Love
  1446 A I'll Follow You (Up To Our Cloud)
  1446 B Getting Over the Storm
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  47-0625 A A Day In the Life Of A Fool
  47-0625 B The Old Old House
  47-0700 A How Proud I Would Have Been
  47-0700 B I Made Leaving (Easy For You)
  47-0792 A Wrapped Around Her Finger
  47-0792 B With Half A Heart
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  175 A Why Baby Why
  175 B Seasons Of My Heart
  210 A What Am I Worth
  210 B Still Hurtin'
  256 A I'm Ragged But I'm Right
  256 B Your Heart
  288 A You Gotta Be My Baby
  288 B It's OK
  331 A Just One More
  331 B Gonna Come Get You
  369 A Yearning
  369 B So Near (w/Jeannette Hicks)
  444 A All I Want To Do
  444 B Too Much Water
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  130 A No Money In This Deal
  130 B You're In My Heart
  146 A Play It Cool Man, Play It Cool
  146 B Wrong About You (w/Sonny Burns)
  160 A Let Him Know
  160 B Let Me Catch My Breath
  162 A Let Him Know
  162 B You All Goodnight
  165 A Heartbroken Me (w/Sonny Burns)
  165 B (Reverse By Sonny Burns)
  188 A Hold Everything
  188 B What's Wrong With You
  202 A Why Baby Why
  202 B Seasons Of My Heart
  216 A Still Hurtin'
  216 B What Am I Worth
  234 A I'm Ragged But I'm Right
  234 B Your Heart
  240 A Rock It
  240 B How Come It
  247 A It's Ok
  247 B You Got Be My Baby
  256 A Boat Of Life
  256 B Taggin' Along
  264 A Gonna Come Get You
  264 B Just One More
  279 A Yearning (w/Jeanette Hicks)
  591 A Boat Of Life
  591 B Where Will I Shelter My Sheep
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  424 A She Still Thinks I Care
  424 B Sometimes You Just Can't Win
  442 A Beacon In The Night
  442 B He Made Me Free
  462 A Open Pit Mine
  462 B Geronimo
  500 A A Girl I Used To Know
  500 B Big Fool Of The Year
  528 A Not What I Had In Mind
  528 B I Saw Me
  530 A Lonely Christmas Call
  530 B My Mom And Santa Claus
  575 A We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds
  575 B Until Then
  578 A You Combed Her Hair
  578 B Ain't It Funny
  635 A What's In Our Hearts
  635 B Let's Invite Them Over
  72200 A Mr Fool
  72200 B One Is A Lonely Number
United Artists
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  50014 A Best Guitar Picker
  50015 A Now Tell Me
  50015 A Now Tell Me (w/Melba Montgomery)
  50015 B Afraid (w/Melba Montgomery)
  50015 B Afraid
  528 A Not What I Had In Mind
  528 B I Saw Me
  683 A Your Heart Turned Left
  683 B My Tears Are Overdue
  965 A World's Worst Loser
  965 B I Can't Change Over Night

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