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Tennessee Ernie Ford
Born:  January 13, 1919
Died:  October 17, 1991
Academy of Country Music Pioneer (1974)
Country Music Hall of Fame (1990)
Gospel Music Hall of Fame (1994)
Hollywood Walk of Fame (1960)
Hee! Haw!
Hometown Jamboree
KFXM San Bernardino, CA
KXLA Pasadena, CA
WATL Atlanta, GA
WOPI Bristol, TN
WROL Knoxville, TN

About The Artist

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Take My Hand, Precious Lord

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1124 B Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own
  1124 B I'll Never Be Free (W/Kay Starr)
  1159 A What This Country Needs
  1159 B The Lord's Lariat
  1174 A Cincinnati Dancing Pig
  1174 B Bright Lights And Blond Haired Women
  1275 A Leetle Juan Pedro (w/Eddie Kirk and Cliffie Stone Orchestra)
  1275 B Bryant's Boogie (Jimmie Bryant w/Cliffie Stone Orchestra)
  1295 A Shotgun Boogie
  1295 B I Ain't Gonna Let It Happen No More
  1349 A Stack-O-Lee
  13545 A Farewell
  13545 B Story Of Davy Crockett
  1470 A The Strange Little Girl
  1470 B Kentucky Waltz
  1521 A She's My Baby
  1521 B Mr And Mississippi
  1567 A Oceans Of Tears (W/Kay Starr)
  1567 B You're My Sugar (W/Kay Starr)
  1623 A I'll Never Be Free (W/Kay Starr)
  1623 B Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own (W/Kay Starr)
  1626 A Shotgun Boogie
  1626 B Anticipated Blues
  1695 A Cry Of The Wild Goose
  1695 B Mule Train
  1775 A Kissin' Bug Boogie
  1775 B Woman Is A Five Lettered Word
  1809 A Hey, Good Lookin' (w/Helen O'Connell)
  1809 B Cool Cool Kisses (w/Helen O'Connell)
  1830 A A Rootin' Tootin' Santa Claus
  1830 B Christmas Dinner
  1911 A Rock City Boogie (W/Dinning Sisters)
  1911 B Streamlined Cannonball (W/Dinning Sisters)
  2017 A Gandy Dancer's Ball
  2017 B Hambone (W/Bucky Tibbs)
  2042 A Put Your Arms Around Me
  2042 B Everybody's Got A Girl But Me
  2066 A Fatback, Louisiana, U.S.A
  2066 B Snowshoe Thompson
  2170 A Blackberry Boogie
  2170 B The Tennessee Local
  2179 A Smoky Mountain Boogie
  2179 B Country Junction
  2338 A I Don't Know (w/Cliffie Stone Orchestra)
  2338 B Sweet Temptation (w/Cliffie Stone Orchestra)
  2443 A Three Things
  2443 B Hey Mister Cotton Picker
  2473 A Don't Start Countin' In A Hot Rod
  2522 A Honey-Eyed Girl
  2522 B Good Morning, Dear
  2602 A Kiss Me Big
  2602 B Catfish Boogie
  2809 A This Must Be The Place
  2809 B The Honeymoon's Over (W/Betty Hutton)
  2810 A River Of No Return
  2810 B Give Me Your Word
  2876 A Eins, Zwel, Drei
  2876 B Losing You
  2939 A Somebody Bigger Than You and I
  2939 B There Is Beauty In Everything
  3058 A Ballad Of Davy Crockett
  3058 B Farewell
  3262 A Sixteen Tons
  3262 B You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry
  3343 A That's All
  3343 B Bright Lights and Blond-Haired Wome
  3421 A The Rovin' Gambler
  3421 B John Henry
  3422 A Song (Mama's Song)
  3422 B Pea-Pickin' Cook
  3556 A Baby
  3556 B Printers Alley Stars
  3649 A The Watermelon Song
  3649 B One Suit
  3783 A She Picked Up The Pieces
  3783 B Sweet Child Of Sunshine
  3848 A I've Got Comfidence
  3848 B I'd Like To Be
  3916 A Come Omn Down
  3916 B Bits and Pieces Of Life
  40212 A You'll Find Her Name Written There
  40212 B Smokey Mountain Boogie
  40258 A Mule Train
  40258 B Anticipation Blues
  40280 A The Cry Of The Wild Goose
  40280 B The Donkey Serenade
  4160 A The Devil Ain't A Lonely Woman's Friend
  4160 B Smokey Tavern...
  4531 A His Love Makes The World Go 'Round
  4531 B Dark As A Dungeon
  4793 A Rags and Old Iron
  4793 B Work Song
  5996 A The Road
  5996 B Hand Me Down Things
  985 A My Hobby
  985 B I've Got The Feed In The Mornin'
  CL-14178 (Eng) A Eins, Zwei, Drei
  CL-14178 (Eng) B Somebody Bigger Than You And I
  CL-14261 (Eng) A I'm A Pilgrim
  CL-14261 (Eng) B His Hands

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