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Johnny Cash
Born:  February 26, 1932
Died:  September 12, 2003
Academy of Country Music Pioneer (1990)
Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame (1996)
Country Music Hall of Fame (1980)
Gospel Music Hall of Fame (2010)
Hollywood Walk of Fame (1976)
Music City News Living Legend Award (1989)
Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (1977)
KWKH Louisiana Hayride
WSM Grand Ole Opry

About The Artist

Johnny Cash provided us with a lifetime of memories, a legacy. Read what many others had to say, around the world about this musical legend.

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Cash - The Autobiography
By Johnny Cash with Patrick Carr
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ISBN:  0-06-251500-4

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I've Been Everywhere: A Johnny Cash Chronicle
By Peter Lewry, Lou Robin
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Pop Culture Legends
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Johnny Cash
The Life of an American Icon
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Ring of Fire
The Johnny Cash Reader
By Michael Streissguth (Editor)
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Johnny Cash Record Catalog
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Man Comes Around
The Spiritual Journey Of Johnny Cash
By Dave Urbanski
Relevant Books
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Winners Got Scars Too
The Life and Legends of Johnny Cash
By Christopher S. Wren
Random House Publishing Group
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Cash Family Scrapbook
By Cindy Cash, Johnny Cash (Introduction)
Crown Publishers
160 Pages
ISBN:  0-51788-723-1

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  41251 A What Do I Care
  41251 B All Over Again
  41313 A I Still Miss Someone
  41313 B Don't Take Your Guns To Town
  41371 A You Dreamer You
  41371 B Frankie's Man Johnny
  41427 A Five Feet High And Rising
  41427 B I Got Stripes
  41480 A I'll Remember You
  41480 B Little Drummer Boy
  43921 A You Beat All I Ever Saw
  43921 B Put The Sugar To Bed
  44689 A Daddy Sang Bass
  44689 B He Turned The Water Into Wine
  45020 A Blistered
  45020 B See Ruby Fall
  45134 A What Is Truth
  45134 B Sing A Traveling Song
  45269 A Flesh and Blood
  45269 B This Side Of The Law
  45360 A Papa Was A Good Man
  45360 B I Promise You
  45393 A Singing In Viet Nam Talking Blues
  45393 B You've Got A New Light Shinin
  45590 A Katie
  45590 B The Miracle Man
  45660 A Oney
  45660 B Country Trash
  45740 A Any Old Wind That Blows
  45740 B Kentucky Straight
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  02803 A The General Lee
  02803 B Duelin' Dukes
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  258 A There You Go
  258 B Train Of Love
  279 A Home Of The Blues
  279 B Give My Love To Rose

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