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Buddy Jones
Died:  October 20, 1956

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  5345 A Home In The Hills Of Caroline
  5345 B The Women
  5372 A Mean Old Lonesome Blues
  5372 B Hunting Blues
  5414 A Drunkards Blues
  5414 B Ramblers Blues
  5476 A Ragged But Right
  5476 B Small Town Mama
  5490 A Tomcatting Around
  5490 B Shreveport County Jail Blues
  5521 A When Cactus Is In Bloom
  5521 B When The Sun Goes Down
  5538 A Evil Stingaree
  5538 B Streamlined Mama
  5600 A My Home My Baby & Me
  5600 B I'm Your Real And True Friend
  5613 A She's Selling What She Used To Give Away
  5613 B Small Town Mama #2
  5637 A I Aint Going Your Way
  5637 B Carry Good Work On
  5654 A I'll Get Mine Bye & Bye
  5654 B Easy Rolling Sue
  5673 A Ease My Troubled Mind
  5673 B Shes Got Her Jinx On Me
  5682 A Easy Rider
  5682 B In The Doghouse Now
  5693 A Old Fashioned Sweetheart
  5693 B Oklahoma City Blues
  5703 A Butcher Man Blues
  5703 B Roughest Gal In Town
  5711 A I'll Get Mine #2
  5711 B You Cannot Take It With You
  5731 A Hold It A Little Longer
  5731 B Rockin' Rollin' Mama
  5744 A Alice From Dallas
  5744 B Boog A Boo Baby
  5757 A I Wish I Never Met You
  5757 B Action Speaks Louder Than
  5773 A In The Doghouse Now No.2
  5773 B She's Got The Best In Town
  5788 A Like The Doctor Said
  5788 B I Cant Be Bothered
  5809 A Think I'll Turn Your Damper Down
  5809 B Tend To Your Business
  5816 A I Cant Use You Anymore
  5816 B I'll Get Mine Bye And Bye No. 3
  5821 A You'll Miss Me Some Sweet Day
  5821 B Settle Down Blues
  5827 A I Wont Miss You
  5827 B Waiting For The Train
  5840 A Any Old Time
  5840 B Dear Old Sunny South By The Sea
  5850 A Mean Old 65 Blues
  5850 B I'll Come Back Dear
  5861 A I'm Going Back To Sadie
  5861 B Taxicab Driver Blues
  5896 A Going Back To Louisiana Lou
  5896 B Sailing Blues (Jim Davis)
  5950 A Dont Ever Leave Me Alone
  5950 B Red Wagon
  5967 A Gonna Change My Business
  5967 B Mean Hangover Blues
  5984 A Honey, Don't You Turn Me Down
  5984 B What Is Life Lived Alone
  6013 A You Got Just What It Takes
  6013 B If I'm Wrong I'm Sorry
  6030 A Don't Say Goodbye If You Love Me
  6030 B Every Day Blues
  6049 A I'm Gonna Get A Honky Tonk Baby
  6049 B She's A Hum Dum Dinger

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