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Al Craver

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Sound Sample—(YouTube Video Format)

The Mississippi Flood

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  15031 D A Little Mary Phagan
  15031 D B Death Of Floyd Collins
  15034 A The Wreck Of The Old 1256 (On The Main Line Of The C. & O.)
  15034 B The Rovin' Gambler
  15034 D A Roving Gambler
  15034 D B Wreck Of The 1256
  15044 D A Sinking Of Submarine S51
  15044 D B Little Birdie
  15046 D A The Convict And The Rose
  15046 D A The Convict And The Rose
  15046 D B The Dream Of The Miner's Child
  15046 D B Dream Of A Miner's Child
  15049 D A Zeb Turney's Gal
  15049 D B Letter Edged In Black
  15053 D A Thomas E Watson
  15053 D B Naomi Wise
  15056 D A My Little Home In Tennessee
  15056 D B Unknown Soldiers Grave
  15060 D A The Engineer's Dying Child
  15060 D B Sentenced To Life Behind These Grey Walls
  15065 D A Kinnie Wagner
  15065 D B Freight Wreck At Altoona
  15086 D A The Tramp
  15086 D B John The Baptist
  15098 D A Billy Richardson's Last Ride
  15098 D B Kinnie Wagner's Surrender
  15109 D A We Sat Beneath Maple Hill
  15109 D B Fate Of Kinnie Wagner
  15121 D A Wreck Of The Royal Palm Express
  15121 D B Wreck Of The Number Nine
  15126 D A Barbara Allen
  15126 D B Three Drowned Sisters
  15135 D A Billy The Kid
  15135 D B Wreck Of The C & O Number 5
  15146 D A The Engineer's Dream
  15146 D B Mississippi Flood
  15169 D A Pearl Bryan
  15169 D B Death Of Lura Parsons
  15192 A Jim Blake
  15192 B The Fate Of Mildred Doran
  15192 D A Fate Of Mildred Doran
  15192 D B Jim Blake The Engineer
  15218 D A Where Is My Mama?
  15218 D B Little Marian Parker
  15223 D A Good Old Country Town
  15223 D B Henry's Made A Lady Out Of Lizzie
  15251 D A Hanging Of The Fox
  15251 D B Six Feet Of Earth
  15256 D A The Sidewalks Of New York(East Side, West Side)
  15449 D A The Crow Song
  15449 D B Farm Relief Song
  15512 D A Squint Eyed Cactus Jones
  15512 D B Eleven More Months And Ten More Days
  15530 D A Pappy's Buried On The Hill
  15530 D B Hanging Of Eva Dugan
  15546 D A In 1992
  15546 D B For The First Time In 24 Years
  15561 D A The Tariff Bill Song
  15561 D B My Oklahoma Home
  15585 D A Conversation With Death
  15585 D B The Old Bureau Drawer
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  05342 A Little Old Sod Shanty (w/Gid Tanner)
  05342 B The Bum's Rush (w/Gid Tanner)
  05355 A Goin' Down To Town (w/Gid Tanner)

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