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Curly Sanders
Born:  December 29, 1932
Died:  September 23, 2013
WFAA Saturday Night Shindig
WFAA Dallas, TX

About The Artist

Curly Sanders - WFAA Shindig This may be another case of where we have found difficulty in getting things straight when it appears there may be two artists with the same name. Such is the case here. There appears to be another Curley Sanders who was associated with the WFAA Saturday Night Shindig and also recorded for the Imperial Records label. We have found no article that mentions the two are the same as yet.

B. N. Sanders was born to parents Felton and Alice (Thompson) Sanders in December 1932 in Belton, Texas. Country music fans would later know him as Curly Sanders.

Billboard reports in separate reviews of his releases in 1953 and 1954 for the Imperial label.

To give you an idea of what types of crowd he played in front of, Billboard reported that Curly along with Paul Buskirk, Bobby Williamson, Jimmy Kelly and the Lovett Sisters played before 9,500 folks in Lubbock.

Roaming around the internet we came across a couple of sites with information about his recordings on the Star Talent label. The label screen shots indicate the label was out of Dallas, Texas. One site noted it was released in 1949. The Hillbilly Researcher folks indicate it was an advance release on November 26, 1949.

If we go with the notion there was two Curley Sanders, then this would seem to be the other one just on the recording date of this record alone. Curley (Ray) Sanders who appears to have had a long career in entertainment was said to be born in October 1935. If the Star Talent record was released in 1949, that would mean our other Curley Sanders was only 14 years old at the time and somehow he and/or the family had moved to Texas.

The two Imperial Records releases we list here were released / dated in June 1953 and January 1954.

In our collection we found a picture / photograph souvenir package of photos from the WFAA Saturday Night Shindig. One of those photos was Curley Sanders.

Our research never seems to link the other Curley Sanders to any time spent on the WFAA Saturday Night Shindig.

Subsequent to our posting the above, we noticed that we had a "Ben (Curley) Sanders" on the site that showed a birthdate in 1932. Based on that information, we found the obituary for Curly Sanders who's name as shown on his birth certificate was "B. N. Sanders" and had passed away in 2013. The obituary and the comments in the guest book give more credence to the fact that there were two Curly Sanders for a time in Country Music's history.

Credits & Sources

  • Billboard; July 11, 1953; Billboard; Cincinnati, OH
  • Billboard; January 16, 1954; Billboard; Cincinnati, OH
  • Billboard; April 17, 1954; Billboard; Cincinnati, OH

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  8197 A Love'em Country Style
  8197 B My Heart Is Yours Alone
  8226 A Too Much Lovin'
  8226 B I'm Rocking For Heaven
Star Talent
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  749 A Last On Your List
  749 B Penny For Your Thoughtsa

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