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Lefty Frizzell
Born:  March 31, 1928
Died:  July 19, 1975
Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame (2005)
Country Music Hall of Fame (1982)
Hollywood Walk of Fame (1960)
Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (1972)
Texas Country Music Hall of Fame (2003)
KWKH Louisiana Hayride
Town Hall Party

About The Artist

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  11442 A Railroad Lady
  11442 B If I Had Half The Sense
  12023 A Lucky Arms
  12023 B If She Just Helps Me Get Over You
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20739 A I Love You A Thousand Ways
  20739 B If You've Got The Money I've Got The Time
  20772 A Shine, Shave And Shower
  20772 B Look What Thoughts Will Do
  20799 A I Want To Be There With You Always
  20799 B My Baby Just Likes My Money
  20837 A Always Late
  20837 B Mom And Dad's Waltz
  20840 A Treasure Untold
  20840 B Blue Yodel No.2 (My Lovin' Gal Lucille)
  20841 A Brakeman's Blues
  20841 B My Old Pal
  20842 A Blue Yodel #6
  20842 B Travelin' Blues
  20843 A My Rough And Rowdy Ways
  20843 B Lullaby Yodel
  20885 A How Long Will It Take
  20885 B Give Me More
  20911 A Don't Stay Away
  20911 B You're Here, So Everything's All Right
  20941 B Don't Stay Away Too Long
  20950 A It's Just You
  20950 B If You Can Spare The Time
  20958 A If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time
  20958 B Look What Thoughts Will Do
  20959 A I Love You A Thousand Ways
  20959 B I Want To Be With You Always
  20960 A Mom And Dad's Waltz
  20960 B Always Late
  20961 A Don't Stay Away
  20961 B If You Can Spare The Time
  20997 A Forever And Always
  20997 B I Know You're Lonesome While Waiting For Me
  21034 A You're Just Mine
  21034 B I'm An Old, Old Man
  21084 A Bring Your Sweet Self Back To Me
  21084 B Time Changes Things
  21100 A Never No More Blues
  21100 B Sleep Baby, Sleep
  21101 A I'm Lonely And Blue
  21101 B California Blues
  21118 A When It Comes To Measuring Love
  21118 B We Crucified Our Jesus
  21142 A Before You Go Make Sure You Know
  21142 B Two Friends Of Mine
  21169 A Then I'll Come Back To You
  21169 B Hopeless Love
  21194 A Run 'Em Off
  21194 B Darkest Moment
  21208 A My Little Her And Him
  21208 B I've Been Away Way Too Long
  21241 A You Can Always Count On Me
  21241 B A King Without A Queen
  21284 A You're Too Late
  21284 B Too Hearts Broken Now
  21328 A I Love You Mostly
  21328 B Mama
  21366 A A Forest Fire
  21366 B Making Believe
  21393 A I'll Sit Alone And Cry
  21393 B Moonlight Darling And You
  21433 A Sweet Lies
  21433 B I'm Lost Between Right And Wrong
  21458 A It Gets Late So Early
  21458 B Your Tomorrows Will Never Come
  21488 A First To Have A Second Chance
  21488 B These Hands
  21506 A Today Is That Tomorrow
  21506 B Promises, Promises
  21530 A Just Can't Live That Fast
  21530 B Waltz Of The Angels
  21554 A Heart's Highway
  21554 B I'm A Boy Left Alone
  40818 A Lullaby Waltz
  40818 B Glad I Found You
  40867 A From An Angel To A Devil
  40867 B Now That You Are Gone
  40934 A Lover By Appointment
  40934 B Sick Sober And Sorry
  40938 A No One To Talk To
  40938 B Is It Only That You're Lonely
  41080 A Tell Me Dear
  41080 B Time Out For The Blues
  41161 A Torch Within My Heart
  41161 B Silence
  41268 A You're Humbugging Me
  41268 B Cigarettes And Coffee Blues
  41384 A Knock Again True Love (w/Wilma Lee)
  41384 B Long Black Veil (w/Wilma Lee)
  41454 A Ballad Of The Blue And Gray
  41454 B Farther Than My Eyes Can See
  42839 A Don't Let Her See Me Cry
  42839 B James River
  43590 A Writing On The Wall
  43590 B Mama
  43747 A Everything Keeps Coming Back (But You)
  44205 A Get This Stranger Out Of Me
  44205 B Hobo's Pride
  45652 A When It Rains the Blues
  45652 B You Babe
  52020 A Bring Your Sweet Self Back To Me
  52020 B I Want To Be With You Always

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