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Artist Listing
Now you've got a list of artist names on the right. What to do next? Easy enough. Just click on the artist name you're interested in and it will take you to more details about that artist.

We're far from finished with this effort. We'll be adding more information, even more artists and groups as we go along. So, stay tuned! We're aiming to be the complete source of old time Hillbilly music and won't stop til we get there.

So, you wonder who we might update as we go along? Well, if you see an "*" next to a name, that will tell you that in the current year, we either:

Of course, don't let your curiosity stop you from viewing the other artists, too. This may be 'history', but we keep discovering new information every day it seems.

Artist Name (with Band or other details)
  Little George Haab
  Gaby Haas
  Curly Hachey and the Sunset Rangers
  Chic Hacker
  Ken Hackley and His Oklahoma Cowboys
  Durwood Haddock
  Carl Haden
  Charlie Haden *
  Mary Jane Haden
  Erna Hagerott *
  Louise Hagerott *
  Merle Haggard and the Strangers *
  Little Art Haggerty *
  Jimmy Haggett and the Ozark Mountain Boys
  Ewen Hail *
  Happy Haines
  Chuck Haines (Chuck and Ray)
  Bernice (Alfafa Neers) Haium
  Bernice and Grant Haium
  Grant (Alfafa Neers) Haium
  Billy Jack Hale *
  Elizabeth Hale
  Mamie Ruth Hale
  Monte Hale
  Theron Hale and His Daughters
  Travis Hale *
  Ambrose Haley and the Ozark Ramblers
  Bill Haley and the Saddlemen
  Bill Haley
  Ed Haley
  Hazel Haley
  Sonny Haley
  Bill Hall and the Red River Boys
  Bob Hall
  Clayton Hall
  Connie Hall
  Grady Hall
  Helen Hall *
  Jay Hugh Hall *
  Jim Hall and the Radio Rangers
  Jimmy Hall and the Black Mountain Ramblers
  Jimmy Hall
  Joanie Hall
  Leaford Hall and His Texas Vagabonds
  Marian Hall
  Martin L. Hall
  Roy Hall and his Blue Ridge Entertainers
  Roy Hall and the Happy Valley Boys
  Saford Hall *
  Sonny Hall and His Moonshiners
  Tom T. Hall
  Fred Hall (Fields and Hall Mountaineers)
  Evelyn (Dixie) Hallgren
  Claudie Ham and His Radio Playboys
  J. B. Ham and the Sons of the South *
  Sherman Hamblen and the Sons of Cimarron
  Stuart Hamblen
  Suzy Hamblen
  Paul Hamblin *
  Dick Hamilton
  Frank Hamilton
  Janie B. Hamilton *
  George Hamilton IV
  Fiddlin' Jim Hamm *
  Sid Hampton
  Ramblin' Red Hancock and His Moonlight Ramblers
  Garrett (Happy Jack) Hanes
  Betty Lou Haney
  Carlton Haney *
  Enoch Haney
  Howard Haney
  Ray Haney
  Col. Robert Hanger
  John Hank
  Hank the Drifter and his Drifting Hillbillies
  Bobby Hankins
  Esco Hankins
  Andrew (Andy) Hanley
  Yodelin Jerry Hanlon *
  Kirk Hansard *
  Aleth Hansen
  June (The WLS Yodeling Sweetheart) Hansen
  Rudy Hansen *
  Charles Hansen (Monk and Sam) *
  Happy and Her Dude Rangers
  Happy Fats and the Bayou Buckaroos
  Happy Hank
  Happy Johnny
  Mallie Ann Harbert *
  Slim Harbert *
  Dwight Hardin
  Tex Hardin
  Chuck Harding and The Colorado Cowhands
  William (Roy) Hardison (Gully Jumpers) *
  Ken Hardy and The Traillazers
  Uncle Bob Hardy and the Hayloft Frolic
  Ernie Hare *
  Homer Hargrove *
  Jeanine Hargrove *
  Wanda Hargrove
  Felton (Preacher) Harkness
  Lafe Harkness
  Fiddlin' Sid Harkreader
  Wert Harlan and his Sun Rise Rangers
  Hope Harlow
  Buddy Harmon
  Dean Harmon and the Cowboy Caravan
  Georgia Harmon *
  Lee Harmon
  Roy Lee Harmon
  Harmonica Cal
  Harmonica George
  Harmonica Joe
  Dallas Harms
  Lyle Harnden *
  Harness Bill and the Harness Makers
  Richard Harold
  Dayton Harp *
  Aunt Idy Harper and the Coon Creek Girls *
  Dixie Harper and Her Texas Champion Fiddle Band
  Don Harper
  Granny Harper
  Heck Harper *
  Johnny Harper *
  Raymond Harper
  Redd Harper
  Hank (Hank the Cowhand) Harral *
  Tommy (Skeeter) Harralson
  Beryl Harrell
  Bill Harrell
  Foy (Scotty) Harrell
  Jack Harrell
  Kelly Harrell
  Kenny Harries
  Hank Harrigan
  Jerry Harrington
  Bob Harris
  Buddy Harris
  Corky Harris and His Missourians
  Curly Harris
  Donna Harris
  George Harris
  Homer Harris
  Johnnie Harris and His Ramblers
  Mike Harris and the Charmettes
  Ted Harris
  Tiny Harris
  Tom Harris
  William Harris and The Ramblers
  Audrey Harrison
  Danny Harrison
  Pete Harrison and the Sun Valley Boys
  Tex Harrison and his Buckaroos
  Don Harron
  Bill Harrrell
  Dick Hart
  Freddie Hart
  Hal Hart *
  Jimmie Hart and his Merrymakers
  Topeka Harte
  Bob Harter and The Ranchmen
  Ernie Hartley and His Family Band *
  Fred Hartley
  Dick Hartman and His Tennessee Ramblers
  Al Harvey
  Larry Harvey
  Roy Harvey
  'Brother' Bob Hastings
  Blackie Hastings
  Oscar Hatfield
  Ramona and Hank Hatfield
  Ron Hatfield
  George Havens
  Buddy Hawk
  Harry Hawk and The Boys
  Al (Allerton) Hawkes and the Cumberland Ridge Runners *
  Dale Hawkins
  Ezra Hawkins
  Hawkshaw Hawkins *
  Kitty Hawkins
  Lem Hawkins
  Miner Hawkins
  Pid Hawkins and Tommy Knott
  Uncle Jim Hawkins
  Vic (Puny) Hawkins
  May Hawks
  Aunt Martha Haworth *
  Junior (Speedy) Haworth
  Pepper Hawthorne *
  George D. (The Solemn Ole Judge) Hay
  Judy Hayden *
  Carl Hayes
  Joe (Red) Hayes
  Kendall Hayes
  Pat Haymons
  Homer Haynes
  Johnny Haynes and his Melody Wranglers
  Walter Haynes
  Jimmie Haynie
  Billy Hays and His Orchestra
  Hiram Hayseed
  Clem Hayshecker *
  Haywire Mac
  Happy Herb Hayworth
  Eddie Hazelwood
  Larry Heaberlin *
  Evelyn Head
  Ray 'Kemo' Head
  Jimmy Heap and the Melody Masters
  Jimmy Heap and Perk Williams
  Bobby Heck
  Marian and Bob Heck
  Gary Hein and the Country Boys
  Slim Heller
  Glenn Helliwell (Elm City Four)
  Inez Hellman
  Harmon E. Helmick
  Mr. & Mrs. Harmon E. Helmick
  Bill Helms and Upson County Band
  Bobby Helms
  Don Helms
  Freddy Helms *
  Helpful Hannah
  Bob Helton and His Blue Ridge Boys
  Russ Helton
  Al Hendershot *
  Ben Henderson
  Evy Henderson
  Jack Henderson *
  Jack and Louise Henderson
  Louise Henderson *
  Max Henderson
  Sparky Henderson and the TV Playboys *
  Ted Henderson
  Wanda Henderson
  Ross Hendicks
  Fisher Hendley and his Aristocratic Pigs *
  R. D. Hendon *
  Bartow Henry
  Cotton Henry and His Oklahoma Hillbillies
  Slim Henry (The Dude Cowboy)
  Harold Hensley
  Bernard Henson
  Billy Henson and The Nuggets
  Cousin Herb Henson
  Gloria Henson
  Charlie Herald and his Roundup Rangers
  El (Elisha) Herbert and His Dixie Dudes
  Jackie Herbert
  Curly Herdman and His Saddlemen
  Ruth and Ruby Hergerson
  Herman the Hermit
  Mike O. Hern and the Bar Nothing Ranch Boys
  Curley Herndon *
  Jenny Herrell
  Johnny Herrin
  Fiddlin' Red Herron
  Herb Hess *
  Grady Hester and His Texsons *
  Hoot Hester
  Dolph Hewitt
  Earl Heywood
  Al Hicks and His Hickory Sticks
  Bill Hicks and the Kentucky Corn Crackers
  Bobby Hicks *
  Daylon Hicks *
  Gramps Hicks and His Chore Boys
  Happy Al Hicks
  Jeanette Hicks
  Johnny Hicks
  Johnny Hicks and His Troubadors
  Slim Hicks and his Gang
  DeWayne Higdon
  Len & Joe Higgins
  Mike Hight
  Hiram Higsby *
  Red Hildreth
  Billy Hill and His Hillbillies
  Billy Hill
  Billy Hill
  Bob Hill and The Spring Valley Boys
  Cameron Hill
  Dick Hill and his Drifting Troubadours
  Goldie Hill
  Jackie Hill
  Johnny Hill
  Lucky Hill
  Peggy Hill
  Smilin' Eddie Hill
  Tiny Hill *
  Tommy Hill
  Harry Hillard
  Hillbilly Bill
  Hillbilly Jack
  Hillbilly John and Honey
  Ray Hilliard
  Hilo Hattie and the Royal Hawaiian Girls
  Dixie Bill Hilton and the Calgary Range Riders
  Eddie Hinkle
  Howard Hinkley *
  Curt Hinson and The Sunset Troubadours
  Green Hinson and his Florida Rhythm Boys
  Dick Hiorns
  Ronald (Rusty) Hiser
  Stan Hitchcock *
  Connie (Grandma) Hite
  Grandad and Grandma Hite
  Grover (Grandad) Hite
  Gramp Hix and His Chore Boys
  Don Hoaglin
  Bud Hobbs and his Trail Herders
  Forrest Hobbs
  Roy (Shorty) Hobbs *
  Blanche Hobson *
  Bobby Hodge
  Toots Hodge
  Floyd Hodges and His Texas Tornadoes
  Hilton Hodges *
  Ralph Hodges and His Dixie Vagabonds
  Ivan Hoe
  Fred Hoeptner (Author)
  Holly Hoffburg and H.H. Buckaroos
  Daisy Hoffman *
  Hoffy and the Boys
  Adolf Hofner and His Texans
  Arval Hogan
  Shorty Hogan
  Roy Hogsed
  Willis Hogsed *
  Laura Ellen Holaday *
  Charlie Holbrook and His Lazy H Ranch Boys
  Fairley Holden
  Jack Holden and the Georgia Boys *
  Jack Holden
  Lee Holden and The Outlaws
  John P. Holder *
  Zeke Holdren and Skip Dean
  Juel and Bob Holida
  Curly Holiday *
  Thelma Holland
  Clem Hollandsworth
  Tex Holle
  Joe Holley *
  Ruby (The Girl With The Million Dollar Smile) Hollingsworth
  Shorty Holloway
  Brenda Holly *
  Doyle Holly
  Ted Holly
  June Holm
  Billy Holmes
  Phyllis and Billy Holmes
  Salty Holmes
  Salty and Mattie Holmes
  Tommy Holmes
  Wade Holmes
  George Holstein
  Rev. Holstein
  Chick Holstine
  Culley Holt *
  Don Holt
  Jimmie Holt *
  Blackie Homan
  Bob Homan and The Chancellors
  W. M. Homer
  Roy Honeycutt
  Willie Honeycutt
  Adelyn Hood and Vernon Dahlhart
  Adelyn Hood *
  Alex Hood and the Railroad Boys
  Danny Hood
  Gene Hooper
  Sol Hoopii
  Earl Hoover
  Al Hopkins and Buckle Busters *
  Busters Hopkins
  Doc Hopkins
  Don Hopkins *
  John Hopkins
  David Hoppe
  Joe Hoppel
  Gene Horch *
  Miriam Horn and her Rodeo Rangers
  Libby Horne
  Henry Hornsbuckle
  Dan Hornsby *
  Charlie Horton
  Johnny Horton
  Pappy Hal Horton
  Roy Horton
  Vaughn Horton and the Pinetoppers
  Dan Hosmer (Pa Smithers)
  Kenneth (The Yodeling Drifter) Houchins
  Jewell House *
  Floyd Houser *
  Hazel Houser *
  Herman Housh
  Merle Housh
  Cisco Houston *
  David Houston
  Sonny Houston and the Trailsmen
  Genevieve Hovde
  Don Hovey (Chuck and Don) *
  Chubby Howard
  Chuck Howard
  Curley Howard and The Farm Hands
  Harlan Howard
  Herb Howard
  Jack Howard and his Ranch Gang
  James Audra (Kentucky Slim) Howard
  Jan Howard
  Jim Howard
  Lake Howard
  Pappy Howard and the Connecticut Kernels
  Paul Howard and His Cotton Pickers
  Ray Howard
  Rusty Howard *
  Tommy Howard
  Van Howard
  Lang Howe
  Lloyd (Cowboy) Howe
  Julius H. (The Carolina Hillbilly) Howell
  Dub Howington *
  Kelly Hoyle
  Dick Hoyt
  Bob Hubbard
  Carol Hubbard
  Ev Huddleston *
  R. E. Hudgens
  Joe Hudgins
  Bill Hudlow and the Western Playboys
  Corinna Hudnall
  Ardie Hudson and The Western Aces *
  Roy Hudson and His Hi-Plains Wranglers
  Johnnie Boy Huey *
  Cowboy Charlie Huff *
  LeRoy Huff
  Lester Huff *
  Harley T. Huggins
  Bill Hughes and The Pals of Pecos
  Glenn Hughes
  M. R. Hughes
  Randy Hughes
  Red Hughes and his Prairie Riders *
  Ricca (Aunt Hattie) Hughes *
  Roy Hughes *
  George Hughes (Swanee River Boys) *
  Dan Hughey *
  John Hughey
  Russ Hull *
  John Humbird
  Margie and Mary Humes *
  Chet Hunt and his Stringsters
  Jack Hunt and The Rhythm Ranch Hands
  Paul Hunt and His Rock Candy Mountaineers
  (Tater) Pete Hunter
  Coon Hunter
  Dale Hunter *
  Shirlee Hunter
  Tommy Hunter *
  Cece (Cecil) Huntzinger
  Walter Hurdt and His Singing Cowboys
  Malone Hurst and the Country Ramblers
  Chick Hurt
  Kenni Huskey
  Ferlin Husky
  Bert Hutcherson *
  Burt Hutcherson (Gully Jumpers) *
  Jimmy Hutchinson *
  Frank Hutchison
  Gunilla Hutton
  Arnold Hyles *
  Vernon Hyles *


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