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Houston Home Town Jamboree
Houston, TX

Houston Hometown Jamboree

Back about 1954 or so, a new jamboree type show hit the radio airwaves in a big way as things are usually done in Texas. The Houston Hometown Jamboree came on the scene over KNUZ in Houston, Texas. It was held every Saturday night, from the City Auditorium. The show was also broadcast over television on KNUZ-TV.

A couple of the emcees for the Hometown Jamboree were Paul Hunter, then a DJ at KRCT in Baytown, Texas and eventual country DJ Hall of Famer, Biff Collie. Biff was a DJ on KNUZ at the time and also provided some comedy routines. (The webmaster remembers that Biff used to have an early morning radio show on an FM station in Los Angeles that played the old time country music stuff you didn't hear much anyplace else and made the morning rush hour there a bit more tolerable.)

The featured star of the show was a fellow by the named of Arlie Duff. He had a big hit recording of "Y'All Come" on Starday back then and everyone thought sure he'd be one of the next big stars. The song became the theme song of the Houston Hometown Jamboree and the audience loved to join in the singing of the chorus.

Another part of the show was a portion devoted to amateur talent. Listners were invited to contact the show through either Pete Hunter or through Mr. and Mrs. Starns of Starday Records (who organized and managed this portion of the show). As part of the deal, they offered a recording contract to anyone winning six times in a row.

Floyd Tillman

Sonny Burns

Link Davis

Arlie Duff

Bill Potter

Patsy Elshire

Tommy Collins


Credits & Sources

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