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Who Leon Rausch
What Longtime Texas Playboys vocalist Leon Rausch dies
When May 14, 2019
Where Fort Worth, TX

Leon Rausch, longtime voice of the Texas Playboys, died Tuesday. He was 91.

Rausch, who has a sidewalk star on the “Walk of Fame” outside Cain’s Ballroom, became the vocalist for Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys in 1958. This message was posted to the Bob Wills’ Texas Playboys Facebook page after Rausch’s death:

“Edgar Leon Rausch, the beloved Voice of the Texas Playboys for over 60 years, passed away this morning in Fort Worth, Texas.

“Yes our hearts are broken, as will be the hearts of the thousands of music fans he touched and influenced over his amazing career when they hear this news.

“Our band would not exist without Leon carrying the Texas Playboys torch all these years and giving us the blessing to carry it on. We are sad and send prayers of peace to his family and friends, most especially the amazing Vonda Rausch, who was by his side for 69 of Leon’s 91 years.

“We will find peace and healing by playing and performing the music that Leon helped immortalize. When an entertainer of Leon’s stature and caliber passes away we are fortunate because they leave a body of work that we can enjoy for generations to come. A lot of us will be enjoying Leon’s body of work today and for years to come as we reflect on his life and legacy. Godspeed and well done sir.”

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