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 Who Hillbilly Heaven
 What Hillbilly Heaven Roll Call - 2013
 When January 1, 2014
 Where Modesto, CA
 Source Hillbilly-Music.com

While we may have lost their voices, their music, history and memories will live on for us to enjoy. Remember those who left our earthly stage for Hillbilly Heaven in 2013 (as of January 6, 2022)...

Hillbilly Music.

The People.
The Music.
The History

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Hillbilly Heaven Roll Call 2013
Patti Page
Shorty Holloway
Rex Trailer
Frank Page
Willie Honeycutt
Eddie Burns
John Penny
Tony Douglas
James Renfro (Renfro Brothers)
Sally Starr
Gary Robichaud
Patricia Macnab (Smile Sisters)
Ardis Wells
Peggy Clark
Nellie Brown
Claude King
Sammy Masters
Jack Greene
Hardrock Gunter0
Eddie Bond
Gordon Stocker
George B. Shea
Braxton Schuffert
George Jones
Curley Myers
Tex Forman
Lorene Mann
Don Bowman
Tom Tall
Slim Whitman
Ruth Johnson
Darlene M. Adam (The Friendly Hi! Neighbor Girl)
Joey Gills
Lee Ellis
Cowboy Jack Clement
Tompall Glaser
Marvin Rainwater
Ben (Curley) Sanders
Ramblin' Tommy Scott
Dallas Ketcham
Johnnie White
Cal Smith
Ginger Dinning
Polly Possum
Bill Duncan
Leon Ashley
Jimmy Collie
Addie Odell
Homer Bailes
Ray Price
Johnny Sibert

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