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Who Billy Graham
What Billy Graham dies: 'America's Pastor,' adviser to presidents
When February 21, 2018
Where Montreat, NC

As a young man, Billy Graham practiced his sermons by preaching to the alligators and birds in the swamp. At his height years later, he was bringing the word of God into living rooms around the globe via TV and dispensing spiritual counsel and political advice to U.S. presidents.

The Rev. Billy Graham, dubbed "America's Pastor" and the "Protestant Pope," died Wednesday at his North Carolina home. He was 99 and had achieved a level of influence and reach no other evangelist is ever likely to match.

More than anyone else, the Hollywood-handsome Graham built evangelicalism into a force that rivaled liberal Protestantism and Roman Catholicism in the United States.

Note from Hillbilly-News.com: Mr. Graham began to build his ministry when a scheduled three week tent revival in 1949 in Los Angeles turned into an eight week stay. During that time, he received noteriety from converting two well known figures at the time, former Olympian and World War II veteran, Louis Zamperini and country radio star, horse race owner, Stuart Hamblen at that rally.

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