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 Who K. C. (Don) Maddox of Maddox Brothers and Rose
 What The legendary K.C. (Don Juan) Maddox to Receive Lifetime Music Award in Modesto, California
 When October 9, 2013
 Where Modesto, CA
 Source Modesto Area Music Awards

On October 23, 2013, the Modesto Area Music Association will honor the roots of Rock and Roll and celebrate a living Modesto legend who along with his family, the Maddox Brothers and Rose, changed music forever. The 14th Annual MAMA Awards will be honoring the legendary KC “Don Juan” Maddox for his contributions to music history with a Lifetime MAMA Award. 90 year old K.C. “Don Juan” Maddox is set to take his place in Rock and Roll, Country and Rockabilly music history and Modesto, CA will take it’s proper place in evolution of Rock and Roll.

In 1937, the first early sounds of Rock and Roll were played over the Modesto airwaves of KTRB 840 AM Radio by the then “Alabama Outlaws”, starring Clay and Fred Maddox with 11 year old Rose, who would later gain fame as the Maddox Brothers and Rose, “America’s most colorful hillbilly band”. Fred Maddox, invented the “slapping bass” technique that would become the beat of “hillbilly boogie” later named “Rockabilly” and then would become the beat of “rock and roll”. Fred’s bass is now at the Experience Music Project as an important instrument in music history.

After World War II, the entire Maddox family changed music forever with their “hillbilly boogie” music with the wisecracking Don Maddox leading the band, creating hits like Step it Up & Go and George’s Playhouse Boogie. Their music and the “slappin’” bass style of Fred Maddox, inspired the first generation of Rock and Roll, including Elvis Presley’s band the Blue Moon Boys in 1954 who recorded “That’s Alright Mama”.

At 90, Don Maddox is still touring and performing. He is a regular with Marty Stuart and performs all over the USA and recently recognized at the Grand ole Opry. Documentary crews are currently covering Don and his life story and his contribution to music.

“We are so excited to recognize someone that was actually there when the first notes of Rock were played” explains Chris Murphy, co-founder of the MAMA Awards and publisher of ModestoView Magazine. “This will truly be a special and legendary year and our local music community is so very excited and proud to host the Don Maddox homecoming”.

Don will be performing with an amazing Modesto Rockabilly All-star band. There will be a special award presentation from one of country music’s biggest stars. The event will be live broadcast on ModestoView.com from the historic State Theatre. There will be awards presented in 19 different categories and the show will feature 9 live performances and local music videos.

MAMA Winners are selected by online public voting, one vote per person, and are audited by a local CPA for authenticity. Nominees were selected by local radio stations, music writers, promoters, event and venue managers. Voting is at www.modestoareamusic.com

The MAMAs were created in 2000 by Chris Murphy and Chris Ricci, to celebrate the accomplishments of the Modesto Area musicians, the best events and the recognition of the leading arts and entertainment venues. Winners will be presented with a special laser cut carhop, that celebrates the American Graffiti heritage of Modesto, CA.

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Chris Murphy

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