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Who Jean Shepard; Bobby Braddock; Reba McIntire
What CMA Announces Bobby Braddock, Reba Mcentire and Jean Shepard as Newest Members of Country Music Hall Of Fame
When March 1, 2011
Where Nashville, TN

NASHVILLE - The Country Music Association announced today that Bobby Braddock, Reba McEntire, and Jean Shepard will become the newest members of the coveted Country Music Hall of Fame.

Reba, who is known worldwide by her first name, will be inducted in the "Modern Era Artist" category, while Shepard will be inducted in the "Veterans Era Artist" category. Braddock is the first inductee in the new "Songwriter" category, which is awarded every third year in a rotation with the "Recording and/or Touring Musician" and "Non-Performer" categories. Braddock, Reba, and Shepard will increase membership in the coveted Country Music Hall of Fame from 112 to 115 inductees.

"We are inducting royalty this year," said Steve Moore, CMA Chief Executive Officer. "Jean and Reba are two of Country Music's most revered queens, and Bobby Braddock is a king of songwriting. All three of them refused to follow the crowd; instead, creating their own unique paths. I cannot imagine what Country Music would be like today without these three talented individuals and all of their accomplishments. They each continue to inspire me with their latest performances, albums, compositions, and productions."

"When I think of my heroes who are in the Country Music Hall of Fame, I am truly humbled to know that I am being inducted," said Braddock. "I want to express my gratitude to the voters who feel that I am worthy of this great honor."

"This is a huge honor for me and something I've dreamed about since I was a little girl," said Reba. "When I was a young girl, we would take vacations to Nashville and tour the Country Music Hall of Fame. And now, for me to be inducted, is a dream come true."

"I have spent nearly 60 years doing something that I love, singing and promoting Country Music, and it's wonderful to see that my efforts haven't been in vain," said Shepard. "I am so grateful to CMA, the Country Music fans, and those that voted for me. I am honored and privileged to be in the company of the legendary members who came before me. I wish to thank the Hall of Fame, all of my fans, and Country Music for allowing me and my family to enjoy this most cherished tribute to my musical career."

Induction ceremonies for Braddock, Reba, and Shepard will take place at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum later this year. Since 2007, the Museum's Medallion Ceremony, an annual reunion of the Hall of Fame membership, has served as the official rite of induction for new members.

"As always, the announcement of new inductees into the Country Music Hall of Fame is a red letter day," said Kyle Young, Director, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. "The 2011 class is particularly stunning, because the careers of Bobby Braddock, Jean Shepard and Reba McEntire represent an amazing rainbow of Country Music history. Their arc begins in Country Music's 1950s golden age, spans the remaining half of the 20th Century, and extends into the here and now, with no end in sight. Each had the courage of personal conviction; all created music that often spoke specifically to women, but also transcended gender to become universal; and each leaves a unique and indelible mark on Country Music's past, present and future."

CMA created the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1961 to recognize noteworthy individuals for their outstanding contributions to the format with Country Music's highest honor.

The categories and voting process were updated in 2009, taking effect with the 2010 ballot. The current categories are:

  1. Modern Era - An artist becomes eligible for induction in this category 20 years after they first achieve national prominence. They will remain eligible for that category for the next 25 years. This replaced the former "Career Achieved National Prominence Between 1975 and the Present" category.
  2. Veterans Era - An artist becomes eligible for induction in this category 45 years after they first achieve national prominence. This category combined the former "Career Achieved National Prominence between World War II and 1975" category (which was voted on annually) and "Career Achieved National Prominence Prior to World War II" sub-category (which was voted on every third year in rotation) into one group.
  3. Rotating Categories - The third slot is a rotating category, with each group in the spotlight every third year. The three rotating categories are Songwriter, Recording and/or Touring Musician, and Non-Performer. The Songwriter category was created in 2009. Previously, songwriters were eligible in the Non-Performer category.

The Veterans Era and Modern Era categories have separate Nominating Committees, each made up of 12 industry leaders who serve three-year terms. The Modern Era Nominating Committee also oversees the Rotating Categories. Final nominations are then submitted to two separate Panels of Electors, made up of historians and industry professionals that have a historical perspective on Country Music. One Panel votes for both the Modern Era and the Rotating Categories, while a second Panel votes for the Veterans Era category. Both Panels are updated annually by the CMA Board of Directors Awards and Recognition Committee. Individuals can serve on both Panels. All panelists remain anonymous.

Note: Readers can read the rest of the press release that includes biographical details for each of the new Country Music Hall of Fame members by using the link to the press release.

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