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Who Reg Lindsay
What Country music star Reg Lindsay dies
When August 5, 2008
Where Newcastle, Australia

Australian country music veteran Reg Lindsay has died, aged 79.

He died in a Newcastle hospital this afternoon after a battle with pneumonia, according to his family, the Nine Network reported.

Lindsay won three Golden Guitars and wrote more than 500 songs during his long career that also included two long-running television shows - The Reg Lindsay Country Hour and Reg Lindsay Country Homestead.

He also experienced some success in the United States and was the first Australian to be officially recognised with a plaque on Nashville's Walkway of Stars.

Lindsay suffered a cerebral haemorrhage at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 1994.

After a long rehabilitation period, he then suffered a heart attack and underwent a triple bypass.

One of the songs he is best remembered for is Armstrong, which was his tribute to the American astronauts and their historic moon landing and was his first big hit on the pop charts in 1971.

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The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)


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