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Who Smokey Dawson
What Folk legend Smoky Dawson dies
When February 14, 2008
Where Sydney, Australia

Australian country music pioneer Smoky Dawson has died.

Dawson became a household name around Australia for his western-style radio show The Adventures of Smoky Dawson.

Dawson's recording career spanned more than six decades. His latest album, Homestead of My Dreams, was released in 2005 - at which point he became the oldest recording artist in the world.

Dawson's record label manager, Philip Mortlock, said his death was a great loss for Australian music and culture.

"An irony about Smoky, even though he was best known in the country music sphere, I would call him one of Australia's great folk artists," he said.

"While his music was tinged with country, he was also a great poet and a very creative man. He encompassed a great sense of Australiana."

"He used to have this great store of stories, ranging back to when he sold newspapers on Melbourne trams at the age of 10. He spanned such an extraordinary period, it is such a great loss to lose a man like that.

"He often said to me, writing a song a day and keeping active was what kept him going."

In 1978 Smoky was inducted in to Australia's Country Music Roll of Renown. He is survived by his wife Dot.

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