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Who Martha Carson (Irene Amburgey)
What Martha Carson dies; 'Rockin' Queen of Happy Spirituals'
When December 16, 2004
Where Nashville, TN

Martha Carson, the "Rockin' Queen of Happy Spirituals" whose gospel sound influenced Elvis Presley, Connie Smith and numerous others, died yesterday at 1 p.m. in Nashville. She was 83 years old, and had been in fragile health for the past year.

"She was the first Grand Ole Opry star I ever saw in person," said Smith, now an Opry star in her own right, who saw Ms. Carson play at an Ohio theater in the early 1960s. "I remember the way she played that guitar, the red hair, the curls coming down the front. She was so energetic and so powerful: If she'd walked out of the building and kept singing on down the street, I believe everybody in that theater would have followed her."

Born Irene Ethel Amburgey in Neon, Ky., Ms. Carson's career began in the 1930s as a member of a trio with her two sisters. In 1939, she married mandolin player James Carson, and the two performed on radio stations including WNOX in Knoxville. Their material included gospel numbers like When God Dips His Pen Of Love In My Heart, and their independent record label success led to a contract with Capitol Records.

"We played a lot of package shows together, back in the late '40s and early '50s," said Bluegrass Hall of Fame member Mac Wiseman. "She had that electricity on stage, and she was a great guitar picker. She showed no mercy on that guitar."

The Carsons' marriage and musical partnership ended in 1951, the same year Ms. Carson recorded her best-known song, Satisfied. That song allowed her entry into the Grand Ole Opry (though she eventually left the show), and it would later be re- corded by Elvis Presley. In 1953, she married promoter Xavier Cossť, and the ensuing years found her moving from Capitol to RCA and making her way into a more pop-oriented market.

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