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Who Hackberry Ramblers; Johnny Faulk
What Hackberry Ramblers bass player dead at 79 (Johnny Faulk)
When October 24, 2004
Where Lake Charles, LA

John A. "Johnny" Faulk, a bass player with the Cajun band The Hackberry Ramblers, died Sunday at a Lake Charles Hospital after falling ill unexpectedly earlier in the week. He was 79.

Faulk was a relative newcomer to the Ramblers, a band that started in the 1930s with its mix of Cajun songs in French and Western Swing. He joined around 1979, with a bass he'd bought from Sears in the late 1940s.

Although the band celebrated its 70th anniversary last year, it won national acclaim in more recent years, with a Grammy nomination and a film on PBS earlier this year, "Make'em Dance: the Hackberry Ramblers Story."

Faulk was one of the youngest members of the band the founders are still playing in their 90s. And Faulk was the band's showman, the live wire whose whoops and hollers from the back line sparked the performances.

Survivors include Faulk's wife of 59 years, Eddie Mae Faulk, one son and three daughters and a large extended family. Sandmel noted that 18 of Faulk's relatives accompanied them on one performance at the Grand Ole Opry.

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