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Who National Traditional Country Music Association
What Iowa Residents Enter America's Old Time Country Music Hall Of Fame
When August 13, 2004
Where Anita, IA

Missouri Valley, Iowa—Not just the famous and near famous get the nod from the National Traditional Country Music Association's selection of deserving individuals for induction into "America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame." According to President, Bob Everhart, "We have a very workable method in our selection process for the Hall of Fame. The only way in is to be nominated first, by someone already in the Hall of Fame. Each inductee gets one nomination. We also have the Hall of Fame at three different levels of participation: at the local and State-wide level; the regional level; and the national level. We also have an international level, but we haven't utilized that very much. We induct about an equal number of participants at each level every year, so it doesn't become dominated by the famous, and those that are in the background that do so much to make festivals work, promoters of the music, performers that haven't gained a high level of recognition but are still significant contributors to the continuance of America's musical heritage, all get a fair shot at being in the Hall of Fame."

Bob Everhart's wife, Sheila Everhart, is also very busy with the Hall of Fame. "This year's list of entrants is as impressive as it always is, with celebrities catching the most attention. Iowa, however, has a host of entrants that are just as important.

  • BETTY MORGAN is from Shenandoah, Iowa, and was one of the original Carson Sisters that did 'live' radio programs of traditional country music.
  • DEE COLEMAN is from Livermore, Iowa, and was also a country music performer on radio and television in the 50's and 60's.
  • TERRI KNAPP YAW is from Des Moines, and has been an active volunteer, talented vocalist, promoter, and member of the Professional Musicians and Entertainers Club of Des Moines for a number of years.
  • DANNY & DONNA DEE is from Mount Pleasant, Iowa, a performing duo that also promote old-time country festivals and concerts.
  • DENNIS DEVINE is from Council Bluffs, Iowa, is an active traditional country music promoter, volunteer, created the Johnny Cash fan club, and became a life-long friend of the Cash family.
  • FRANCIS HAHN is a retired CIA agent now living in Mapleton, Iowa. After he retired from the CIA, he took up traditional country music songwriting and performing.
  • CLARA HANSEN is a 92 year old rag-time piano player that has devoted her life to playing and performing the original form of rag-time music Scott Joplin created.
  • DOC MARTIN from Carter Lake, Iowa, is a retired steel guitar player, that worked with some of the best mid-west groups in existence. He has already nominated Porter Wagoner for his 2005 nomination, and Mr. Wagoner has already accepted, and confirmed he will be with the festival in 2005.
  • SUSAN CORDER MILLER is from Knoxville, Iowa, daughter of the famous West Sisters and is an avid promoter of traditional country music.
  • DUANE MURLEY from Rockwell City, Iowa, is a disc jockey that maintains classic country music as his programming objective on radio.
  • LOIS OLESON from Grimes, Iowa, is a performer, promoter, volunteer, and sponsor of traditional country and bluegrass programs
  • DON & LOLA TAFT from Knoxville, Iowa, are long-time traditional bluegrass and country promoters, festival producers, performers, and music supply dealers.

According to Bob Everhart, "We are always glad to see Iowan's maintain their interest in what we are doing in 'honoring' those that have made significant contributions toward the preservation of America's musical heritage. America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame is not just a paper tiger, it is located in it's own building, as part of the Pioneer Music Museum, in Anita, Iowa. When we located there, we wanted to maintain our ties to a rural life style. We've been asked by both Branson and Nashville to move this incredible museum and hall of fame to their cities, but we prefer to stay in rural Iowa, and maintain our 'voice' in music as the voice of rural America."

The Hall of Fame induction ceremonies take place at 5pm on September 5 at the Harrison County Fairgrounds in Missouri Valley, Iowa. The festival, that features well over 600 performers of old-time music, begins on August 30, with twelve sound stages of entertainment going simultaneously for seven days.

More information is available at the NTCMA website: www.oldtimemusic.bigstep.com, or by writing P O Box 492, Anita, Iowa, or simply telephoning 712-762-4363

Contact Virginia Armstrong, Public Relations Director
National Traditional Country Music Association
bobeverhart@yahoo.com (712) 762-4363


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