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Who Mack Sanders
What Former Country Broadcaster Mack Sanders Dies
When October 11, 2003
Where Nashville, TN

(Excerpt from the article mentioned above)

Sanders, who founded Great American and Proud Country Stations after entering the radio business in 1951, died Saturday while visiting his daughter in Nashville. He was 80. According to the Wichita Eagle, Sanders lived in Hot Springs, AR, where he co-owned KBHS-AM and had been in mornings. Sanders, whose real name was John Bozeman, first gained fame as an air personality at KFH/Wichita in the early 1950s. He purchased his first station, KSIR (now KSGL)/Wichita, in 1958, and eventually built Proud Country, which would own 12 stations throughout the American heartland. Sanders sold Proud Country in 1978, relocated to Nashville, and purchased two stations. By 1991, his new company Great American included nine stations in Arkansas, Kansas and Tennessee. But the recession of the early 1990s led Sanders to file for bankruptcy protection for Great American. Survivors include his widow, country music singer Sherry Sanders, a son, two daughters, two stepsons, two sisters and six grandchildren. A private memorial service and burial will be held in Nashville.

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