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Who Redd Stewart
What Henry Redd Stewart, country songwriter and musician, dies
When August 3, 2003
Where Louisville, KY

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Henry Redd Stewart, country songwriter and musician, dies
He was best known for 'Tennessee Waltz,' 'Soldier's Last Letter'

Henry Redd Stewart, a singer and co-writer of such country songs as "Tennessee Waltz," "Slow Poke," "Bonaparte's Retreat" and "You Belong to Me," died yesterday in Louisville. He was 80.

He was born Henry Ellis Stewart in Ashland City, Tenn., completed only the seventh grade and fought in World War II.

In 1935, he was contracted to write a song for a car dealer's commercial in Louisville, and in 1937 he got a job playing in Pee Wee King's band, the Golden West Cowboys. Stewart, with the Golden West Cowboys, played on the Grand Ole Opry for many years.

In 1944, his song "Soldier's Last Letter" was released by Ernest Tubb, and it stayed at No.1 on the Billboard country chart for four weeks. Later he signed a lifetime exclusive songwriting contract with Acuff-Rose Publications.

He wrote his most famous song, "Tennessee Waltz," with by King in 1948. According to the Country Music Hall of Fame's Web site, King and Stewart were driving from Dallas to Nashville when they heard Bill Monroe's "Kentucky Waltz" on the radio. King said there should be a waltz in honor of his adopted home state of Tennessee.

Stewart often performed with his wife, Darlene, who died July26. She also had a career in country music, traveling with her sister as The Collins Sisters.

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Louisville Courier-Journal


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