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Who Brian Sinclair
What Brian Sinclair, at 62, Hillbilly at Harvard radio co-host
When December 28, 2002
Where Somerville, MA

(Excerpt from the article mentioned above)

Brian Sinclair, at 62, Hillbilly at Harvard radio co-host

Brian "Ol' Sinc" Sinclair of Somerville, co-host of the popular Harvard University country radio show, "Hillbilly at Harvard," for more than 30 years, died Saturday of leukemia. He was 62.

Born in Sabattus, Maine, Mr. Sinclair and his family moved to Quincy in 1947. He attended North Quincy High School, where his father was a science teacher, and graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor's degree in French studies. Mr. Sinclair went to graduate school at the University of North Carolina, where he studied linguistics. He then returned to Harvard as a linguistics doctoral candidate.

But the love for country music that Sinclair had known all of his life only grew stronger as he grew older.

"He had been interested in country since he was a kid," said Helen Cloughtery, one of Mr. Sinclair's ex-wives, who resides in Las Vegas. He was married three times.

"He grew up in a small town in Maine and listened to country music growing up. He and his friend, Ed Simpson, who hosted the "Hillbilly at Harvard" show before Sinclair, would listen to music together and trade records," she said.

At Harvard's WHRB radio station, 95.3 FM, Sinclair found his niche. For 36 years, he and fellow Harvard graduate Lynn "Cousin Lynn" Joiner brought sweet bluegrass tones, songs about heartbreak and endless love to countless listeners each Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Another article can be found in the Boston Globe of December 30, 2002:

  • Brian Sinclair, 62; Played Hillbilly at Harvard
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