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 Who Hank Williams
 What Hank Williams 50th Anniversary Memorial Celebration and Tribute Show
 When January 1, 2003
 Where Montgomery, AL
 Source The Hank Williams Sr. Museum

For Immediate Release

The Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery, Alabama is to host a 50th Anniversary Memorial Celebration on Jan 1-3 in Montgomery. The celebration is in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the death of Hank Williams Sr; who died in West Virginia on New Years day, 1953. People from all over the US are expected to attend.

There is to be memorial ceremony held at the gravesite at 10:00 a.m. on January 1st. The public is invited to attend. Following the ceremony, the Museum will be open to the public, for tour and refreshments. At 12:00, Myra Lewiski, the famous artist will unveil a porcelain doll of Hank Williams. At 4:30, there will be a candlelight ceremony, at the bronze statue of Hank, by the City Auditorium. The service will be officiated by Dr. Henry Lyon III, the son of the minister who officiated at Hank's funeral. The Mayor, and other dignitaries will be present.

The celebration will feature Jack Greene, Stonewall Jackson, David Church, and James Segrest and the Bama River Band. Members of the Drifting Cowboys will also be present as well as other celebrities.

Greene will perform on January 2. Greene topped the charts in the 60's with songs like, "Statue of a Fool", "There Goes My Everything", and appeared on prominent TV shows such as "HEE HAW", "Nashville Now" and the "Grand Ole Opry Backstage".

January 3 will feature Stonewall Jackson, followed by a Hank Williams Tribute show, by David Church. Stonewall Jackson, a legendary Opry Star, famous for songs like "Waterloo," "BJ the DJ" and many others. The Tribute show, called "Images of a Country Drifter," will include historical narration on the life of Hank Williams, as well as 20 songs performed by Church. Church has gained popularity among Hank Williams Sr fans. Many people that have attended his performances have stated that David's voice is so incredibly close to that of Hank Sr. that you actually think it is a recording of Hank. David has performed all over the world, and has had many songs in the top 10 in European countries. "You've Got the Key" gained international recognition, when it went to #1 in several countries and was #11 on the charts for most airplay in a 6 month period in 2002. Church has had numerous additional songs in the charts.

A local band, James Segrest and Bama River, will also be performing. James has gained international exposure for his "Johnnie Paycheck" style with songs like "The Ole Violin." He has produced 3 albums and received airplay around the world as well, with numerous songs such as "She's Going Through My Change of Life," and many others. Many of his songs have been in the European charts, and he appeared at #39 for the most airplay for 2002. James's band the Bama River Band will back the performances.

For more information on Jack Greene and Stonewall Jackson, visit www.msptalent.com. Church's website is: www.davidchurch.net and Segrests website is: www.jamessegrest.com

Hotel rooms for anyone coming to the celebration are available at discount prices at "The Guest House Hotel and Suites" and the number is: 334-264-2231.

For more information on the Celebration contact: The Hank Williams Sr. Museum in Montgomery at: 334-262-3600.

The Hank Williams Sr. Museum

(334) 262-3600


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