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Who Weldon 'Buddy' Walker
What Weldon "Buddy" Walker: Pioneering country, Western singer was Jamboree regular
When November 22, 2002
Where Dallas, TX

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Weldon "Buddy" Walker: Pioneering country, Western singer was Jamboree regular

Weldon "Buddy" Walker

By Rae DeShong
The Dallas Morning News

Weldon "Buddy" Walker was one of Dallas' premier post-war country and Western singers a regular on the Big D Jamboree and the first singer to sign with Dallas' Talent Records.

Mr. Walker, a guitar-toting songwriter-turned-postal employee, died this month from gastric cancer.

A memorial service will be at noon Friday at 409 E. Main St., Richardson. Mr. Walker, 77, donated his body to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

"He was, for a few years after World War II, one of the most promising singers in the area," said Kevin Coffey, a local Western-swing music expert. "He sort of dropped out of sight in terms of professional music in the early '50s, and as far as I know, didn't record again.

"He was a good singer who deserved wider attention than he got."

Mr. Walker performed professionally from the mid-1940s to the mid-1950s, the era in which hillbilly music was making the transition to the country and Western genre. He performed at each Saturday's Jamboree at the Dallas Sportatorium, and he headlined for local clubs including the Bridgeport Club on South Lamar, Jack Ruby's Silver Spur and the Longhorn Ballroom.

Mr. Walker recorded six songs on the Talent label and wrote many more. "Bordertown Fiesta," recorded in 1948, was one of his bigger hits. The song was successful in the region and later was picked up by a national label.

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