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 Who Buster Jenkins
 What Tougher'n a Boot By Buster Jenkins
 When September 22, 2002
 Source Leathers Publishing

From the cornfields of Woodson County to the Halls of Fame

A compelling true story of a simple farm boy and his love for the sea and bluegrass music.

The world was a lot different in 1926 when Buster Jenkins was born. He learned at a young age to be "tougher'n a boot". He walked two miles to school in the Kansas cold and lived in a house with no plumbing. After an injury from a fall on his horse, he still managed to get around and now some 75 years later, Buster tells some great stories about his life at sea and his love of music that led him to the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame and Mid-America Fiddlers Hall of Fame.

In Tougher'n a Boot, Buster tells of a life that was both terribly difficult and wonderfully exciting. Born on a farm during the Depression, Buster found his passion for music early in life. He first heard a radio when he was ten years old. And the sound of the fidle music touched him deeply. He had already shown talent with guitar and banjo, but playing the fiddle was his calling. And though his parents thought he didn't need to go to high school, he insisted on going to learn all he could froma great music teacher. And from then on, music would determine his way.

Buster became known in Colorado for radio deejaying and producing a weekly stage show, "The Rocky Mountain Jamboree". He booked and played with many Bluegrass groups and country music legends.

The book also includes stories of Buster's Marine Corps days when he again earned his reputation as being "tougher'n a boot." But he also tells of his great love for his family, his memorable performances for presidents and others, and the many people he met along the way. It has been quite a life for Buster Jenkins. And it is a pleasure to read about a man who has lived so well.

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