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What Hillbilly-Music.com In the Spotlight in Country Music Magazine's 30th Anniversary Issue
When September 8, 2002
Where San Jose, CA
Released September 8, 2002

September 8, 2002 - San Jose, CA - Hillbilly-Music.com, the site dedicated to the history of hillbilly music, its people and music is pleased to note that it was featured in the just released 30th Anniversary issue of Country Music magazine. The appearance marks a milestone in the growth of Hillbilly-Music.com in its goal to become the premier site devoted to the history of hillbilly music and the paths it took to become what later became called country music.

Over the months, many contacts were established that have enabled Hillbilly-Music.com to add to the depth of its coverage. Fans of the music have responded in a positive and encouraging way with their emails, letters and continued return to the site. Many tell of spending an hour or even more learning or remembering many of the people, disc jockeys and shows of the eras.

Hillbilly-Music.com owes a debt of gratitude to the many artists and families who have worked with us to document their careers and memories. Without their efforts and achievements in creating the history, this site would not exist. In fact, it is what they accomplished and the legacy that they have provided that inspired this effort.

The site is updated on a continual basis and is featuring artists, groups, disc jockeys and the various Barn Dance, Jamboree or Opry-type programs. With over 4,000 artists, groups and disc jockeys listed, the site has a depth second to none. It relies and uses an extensive, cataloged and indexed collection as well as the contributions and recollections of the artists, their families, authors and fans.

Dave Sichak, owner of Hillbilly-Music.com stated, "I had a vision of what I thought would work and what fans might enjoy. The continued record-breaking number of visitors we continue to see each month tells me we're doing something right. Every week, fans tell us they like what they find and many want to know where they can find the music and enjoy more of it. Many tell us it is on their favorites or bookmarked list - an indication they will return."

About Hillbilly-Music.com
From its beginnings, Hillbilly-Music.com aimed to first build the content and credibility and try not to be just another music site concentrating on the top artists and groups only. Hillbilly-Music.com strives to document the era of music from its early documented roots to the near mid-1960s when various changes in the industry had its impact, such as television and rock and roll. The site covers early hillbilly music and follows its history as it evolved into country and western, folk and today, country music. It includes coverage of other areas such as blue grass, western, cowboy, western swing, Hawaiian and gospel that arose during the eras covered.

The people. The music. The history.

Hillbilly-Music.com Spotlight in Country Music Magazine

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