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Who Margie Lane
What Margie Lane, Long-time Country Music Singer; Married to Sundown Pete Kobal, Passes Away
When December 16, 2007
Where Columbus, NM

Hillbilly-Music.com was informed that Margie Lane Kobal, long-time country music vocalist and married for 44 years to her singing partner, Sundown Pete Kobal, passed away on December 16, 2007.

She began her musical career as somewhat of a popular vocalist. She first met up with Sundown Pete when they met at a venue in New Jersey. Sundown Pete's career took him on a journey, but eventually he found his way back to New Jersey and Margie again. Sundown Pete and Margaret Lane were married in 1953.

Together, they recorded several albums together. Margie also had several singles released during her career on the Silver Star record label that was owned by Hank Snow. Albums include "Under New Mexico Sky", "In El Paso", "My Only Star", and "Elusive Love". Sundown Pete notes that the title song for "My Only Star" was written for Margie.

She was buried in Deming, New Mexico on December 21, 2007. She leaves behind her husband, Pete Kobal and a sister in New Jersey.

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