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 Who Musicians and Celebrities Foundation; Leo J. Eiffert, Jr.; Lou Martin; Dave
 What Memorial Jam Session Honoring Lou Marin and Dave Austin and Cougar Cubs Child Center
 When February 24, 2007
 Where Riverside, CA
 Source Musicians and Celebrities Foundation

Leo J. Eiffert, Jr. and Musicans and Celebrities Foundation
With VFW Post 9223

Saturday April 7th, 2007

From 12:00pm to 6:00pm

10303 Arlington Avenue
Riverside, California

Memorial Jam Session in Honor Of:
Louis U. (Lou Martin) Martucci
David A. (David Austin) Butler
Cougar Cubs Child Center

It's Gonna Be Fun And We're Ready!

Musicians and artists who will be performing as of February 24, 2007:

  • Jimmy Lester
  • AL Brown
  • Barber Matthews
  • Larry Settle
  • Joe Baker
  • Lonnie Duckworth
  • Dean Lane
  • Skip Harris
  • Tom Lattimer
  • Brad Lewis
  • Jimmy John Fumlinger
  • Monty Paul
  • Joe Eiffert
  • DIck Campbell
  • Ray Hughes
  • Sandi Lane
  • Lee Scott
  • Betty Roberts
  • Donna Jean
  • Teeci Clark
  • Mike Paul
  • Al Parrett
  • Tommy Gobal
  • Jerry Rainy
  • Mark Burnett
  • Lawton Jiles
  • Kathe Bee
  • Uncle Pete
  • Eddie Drake
  • Eddie Addington
  • John Hill
  • Rick Gibson
  • Judy Lee Paxton
  • Tommy Waters
  • Buddy Kristy
  • Mike Kelly
  • Dale Thompson
  • Phil Baron
  • Laura Lynn
  • Blackie Taylor
  • And more!

A donation of $10.00 at the door will give you a TICKET and a chance to win a color 24-inch television or a Tony the Tiger Train set.

If you have any questions or want to peform, please call Leo at (714) 833-7827.

If you wish to write a check, make it payable to the "Musicians and Celebrities Foundation" and add this ID number in your memo, #C1940189.

 Contact Leo J. Eiffert, Jr.
Musicians and Celebrities Foundation

(714) 833-7827


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