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Who Doyle Holly
What Doyle Holly, bass player for Buck Owens, dies
When January 16, 2007
Where Nashville, TN

Doyle Holly, who helped shape country music history as a member of Buck Owens' great Buckaroos band, died Saturday in Nashville. He was 70 and had been battling prostate cancer.

Mr. Holly, born Doyle Floyd Hendricks in Perkins, Okla., was Owens' bass player between 1963 and 1971, and in those years the Buckaroos advanced Owens' California country sound to great popularity. Mr. Holly appeared with Owens on the 1966 Carnegie Hall Concert album, which signaled country's entrance into American music's urban mainstream.

Mr. Holly's role as a Buckaroo bass player was a demanding one: A typical Owens show found the band shifting from slow country balladry to shuffling, up-tempo numbers, and Owens was an exacting bandleader.

In 1971, Mr. Holly left Owens and began a solo career. His "Lila" became a Top 20 hit in 1973, and he also recorded an early version of "Silver Threads and Golden Needles."

Mr. Holly died in hospice care, with wife Ginny and children Jess and Heather by his side. No funeral is planned, as per Mr. Holly's wishes.

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