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Man Behind The Scenes
(Pappy) Neal McCormick & Hank Williams
By Juanealya McCormick Sutton
184 Pages

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About the author
Juanealya McCormick Sutton is the only daughter and the eldest child of Neal McCormick. She and her husband, Parmer Lee Sutton, live in DeFuniak Springs, Florida. She has responded to the great public demand for the true story of her father's work and the memories they could recall together of the famous people that were part of their lives.

She has written this book with a deep love and respect for all the people involved. She dedicates this book to her father, Neal McCormick, because throughout her lifetime she watched him actually being "The Man Behind The Scenes".

She thanks her family of three children and six grandchildren for their patience and support while she wrote this book. Most of all, she thanks her husband who has watched her laugh and cry as she remembered the times recorded here. Without his patience, support and love, this undertaking would not have been possible.

Juanealya sincerely hopes the reader will enjoy her book.


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