Sunday, September 28, 2008


Music for the sake of the kids

When the Refugio Country Opry was started seven years ago, the organizers wanted it to be about more than music. More than $32,600 given out in scholarships later, board member Jay Monrad believes it is.

“We do this mainly for the kids in the community. It’s a way to listen to great music but at the same time, support our local students as much as we can,” he said.

The opry, a nonprofit organization, puts on a show the first Thursday of every month, showcasing both local and out-of-town talent in genres such as country, gospel, rhythm and blues and comedy. At the end of the school, the opry takes the money they received from their $5-per-person admission price and searches for deserving students from the high schools in Refugio, Woodsboro and Tivoli.

“We don’t go by top grades necessarily when picking students to receive the scholarships. We’ve made it more of a habit to pick children that are the most deserving,” Monrad said. “The top students are getting a lot of other scholarships already, so we go more by why they want the scholarship.”

Monrad added that depending on how much money they made over the year will determine how much they give out in scholarships. For example, last year, they gave out 18 $500 scholarships.

“Every penny above our expenses all goes toward the scholarships,” he said.

Read the entire article: Music for the sake of the kids -- Victoria (TX) Advocate

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