Saturday, August 02, 2008


Grand Ole Opry to Add Thursday Night Opry Country Classics Show to its Line-up of Shows in 2009

Howdy Friends and Neighbors,

Ah, another sign that the folks at Gaylord are not worthy of the Grand Ole Opry franchise. But nonetheless, we hear they have a new show. The only question is - why don't they put it on Saturday night? Are they afraid the ratings might actually increase?

To quote from the Press Release:

"Nashville will have a new entertainment option on Thursday nights next year when the Grand Ole Opry adds Opry Country Classics to its current line-up of Tuesday, Friday and Saturday performances.

The all-new addition to the Opry’s schedule will shine a spotlight on the classic country songs that have defined country music for generations of fans. Opry Country Classics will share country music’s colorful story through a live performance featuring country favorites performed by legends of the genre as well as talented new artists, a rousing live band, square dancing, and more. Like current Opry broadcasts, the show will be heard on 650 WSM-AM."

This is tacit admission that they have been wrong in their marketing of the Opry. If you ask me - fire the management that currently runs the Opry. When was the last time the Opry sold out on a Saturday night? When was the last time a visitor had to write months in advance to get a ticket?

They just don't get it. The Opry was always a family show, attended by families who made it a vacation experience to visit the Opry. Targeting only a small demographic will never get them anything.

Maybe Gaylord should go build another mall?

We hope this new show gains the support of fans so that it eventually ends up being a part of the mainstay Saturday night event.

Read the Press Release:

July 25, 2008

Grand Ole Opry to Add Thursday Night Opry Country Classics Show to its Line-up of Shows in 2009


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