Sunday, July 22, 2007


Review: Blue Grass Country Featuring the Twin Country Accordions

Blue Grass Country - Twin Country Accordions

Greetings once again Country Music Fans,

Can you fans remember when the accordion was a major part of the band for many country music acts in that earlier era? We can think of Doc Williams and his Border Riders and move right up to one in the Hall of Fame - Pee Wee King. Or even when the Moms and Dads captured the interest of the nation with their "Ranger's Waltz"?

This came in the mail box one day and well, Gran'pa got a bit curious as to how it would turn out. There's three fellows listed as the musicians on this release - Dan Yarnick on accordion; Eddie Liszewski on accordion and Lee Martin doing work on guitar, mandolin, bass and fiddle.

First comment - folks, some of the new generation of singers and musicians might want to give a listen to this one. They might learn that good music doesn't have to be coming out a decibel levels that would bust an eardrum in the next county. It was nicely mixed and balanced.

Second - the 'sound' that I heard reminded me of another easy style type of instrumental country I found a few years ago by a fellow named Joe Weed. This one is like that a bit - all instrumentals and as relaxing to listen to as sitting on your front porch on a summer afternoon with a pitcher of good iced tea.

Twin Country Accordions - Blue Grass Country

Fans will recognize many of the tunes on this one. One of my favorites is the first tune, "When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again; Then there's "Little CAbin Home On The Hill", "Kentucky Waltz", "Red Wing" and "Wabash Cannonball".

There's even a couple of Bob Wills tunes on this one, "A Maiden's Prayer" and "Faded Love".

Ole Gran'pa enjoyed this one. The true test came when I put it in the car on those long drives just to ease the tensions of being in traffic. It's great to hear an instrumental album only once in a while, and the accordion sound is a nice treat, too. But ole Gran'pa wonders if they might be up to trying some Cajun stuff someday?

The record is on the Lee Records lable out of Creekside, Pennsylvania and can be purchased on the CD Baby web site.

Gran'pa H.M. Crittick

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