Sunday, February 18, 2007


Introducing Gran'pa H.M. Crittick

Howdy friends and neighbors!

Folks, there's a web site getting a bit of attention from folks who are recording music and think they're good enough to be a part of what many of you folks would consider traditional country music. You know what I mean, a song with lyrics you can understand, includes instruments that Nashville seems to want to bury such as the steel guitar, fiddle and guitar and a distinctive sound that tells you instantly who you're listening to.

Folks, that site gets its fair share of attention and mail and CD's from the new generation trying to get some attention as well as the artists that made the history.

So, they've given me the chance to let y'all know what I think of the current crop of music. Keep in mind that if they sound like a group of folks singing in unison in the local bar restroom we're going to tell you so.

In short, if they don't measure up to the traditional sound of country music - we're going to tell you up front.

No syrup. No apologies. If a singer or group is game enough to send us a CD, old Gran'pa is gonna let y'all know whether it's worth opening a wallet and buying that album.

Folks, just because they put it on a CD doesn't mean it's good ole country music. We're here to let you know if they're the real deal. Before you open your wallet, you'll want to hear what we think.

Now excuse me while I pull out my dobro and pluck a few tunes...

Gran'pa H. M. Crittick

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